Thursday, September 29, 2011

Projects on Parade

Good morning! I hope your week is going swimmingly. Mine is turning out fair enough! Monday we had a pregnancy well-check up and the baby is doing good as am I, and the heartbeat is at 144. We'll be finding out the sex on October 25, I'm so excited! For awhile I didn't have a guess as to which sex it would be, then I guessed boy, and now I have a feeling it's going to be a girl. Either way, I'm going to be extremely happy. Little A is doing great in her toddler bed, she hasn't fallen out yet (knock on wood) and she sleeps wonderfully in it! And E has been very busy in the backyard.

Our grass has died in places thanks to the kiddie pool and Mabel's pee. E has been trying to grow grass for a few days and he's sure he has it figured out this time! I hope so, I'm tired of taking the corgis out front, and so are they. Plus, I know it would make E happy if this time worked out.

It came the day after my birthday, wrapped up like a present from grandpa.

Yay! I'm so excited to try some patterns. There's one in there that is going to make a wonderful Christmas present. I plan on making most, if not all, of my Christmas present this year, so I better get in gear and start them! Especially if I don't want to be giving presents in May like I ended up doing last year. Last week I told you I'd show you my crafty ADHD, it wasn't as bad as I thought, but of course I didn't take pictures of ALL the WIPs, just the ones that I work on regularly.

This is the weany blanket, which is now the big girl blanket. I've been slowly working on this since January! I wasn't going to show it until it was complete, but who knows when that will be! So, here it is, about half finished I'd say. It's not hard, just finding time or energy to work on it. (I Love This Yarn)

This is Baby #2's blanket. Sara at Tangled Happy posted the link for the pattern, I'll do the same in a little bit! (I Love This Yarn)

This is E's anniversary present still not finished. I forgot how heavy this thing is and how warm. I can't wait until I finish it! It's about half done too. (I Love This Yarn)

It's the hexie, almost half done, resting on the quilt, back showing, that I still need to finish quilting. (Red Heart left overs)

This is E's anniversary quilt that is sandwiched and waiting to be quilted and bound. Who knows when I'll do it! Quilting makes my back hurt sometimes. Hopefully I'll do it before January.

That's a pillow I'm working on for Little A that's about 2/5 finished. Is that a real fraction? Oh well! It'll be pretty neat when it's done. (Red Heart)

This is the baby blanket I'm supposed to be making for the lady down the street. It's about half finished too. (Caron One Pounder)

This is something I'm working on for a birthday present or Christmas present, I haven't decided yet. It's also the granny squares I used for my granny tutorial. I love the colors. (Red Heart)

And this! Is my blanket. The colors were picked out by E, who has such an eye for color it puts me to shame. He bought them for me for my birthday, which I was very happy about. I love that I have something fresh and new to make for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love the hexie blanket, but it's a ball stash buster. Haha, I had to watch my wording on that one! And all of the yarn I'm using for it is left over from other projects, which is special in itself, but my wavy blanket is spanking new. (I Love This Yarn)

This is Kelsey, or formerly known as Kelsey. A finished project, would you believe it? This is a birthday present for a friend's daughter.

She will be loved by the birthday girl, I know! I busted stitches and finished this in two days. It's a free pattern by Red Heart on their website. I don't plan on making another for awhile, and if I do I'll take my time. (Mostly Red Heart)

I've had to kiss butt twice today! Just to let you know! Whenever Little A gets bumped she has me kiss the boo-boo, which is sweet because as soon as I do she's perfectly fine. But today she's fallen on it and of course wanted me to kiss it and make it feel better. The second time she fell on it, it looked like something out of Super Mario brothers! She was on a plastic tote and tried to scoot off and the whole thing tipped over. She fell with her legs out and landed perfectly on her butt on the floor. I couldn't stop laughing and she came mad faced to me and offered me her butt to kiss. Once it was kissed, she was on her way. I don't think I've ever kissed such a cute butt before. Or ever! At least she said thank you.

One more thing before I scoot. Apparently love of socks begins early, or is in fact inherited. Either way, I'm pretty happy about it.

Until next time!


  1. I thought I took on a lot of projects at once! Goodness. That doll is the pattern Olivia saw when she originally started asking for a doll for her birthday. I had the other pattern in mind for quite a while though, so I went with it instead. Good work all around and hopefully there won't be any boo boo booties for you to have to kiss for a while!

  2. Hurray! You've started the bobbly blanket. Can't wait to see it all finished up ready for baby #3. :)

  3. Hi Tabby! Happy to see you at Tangled happy this week. A crochet pencil case would be quite adorable. Happy Sunday. :)


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