Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seven Things

Jennifer from "It's Just Jennifer" at
(still don't know how to link up on my "smart" phone) nominated me for a blog award, I feel very honored and special that she would pick me.

She wrote that I have to tell you seven interesting things about myself, and pick 15 blogs? I don't know 15 blogs, but I'll list some I know! This is gonna be fun!

1) My husband and I love "The Office" and each September we buy the newest box set. Rather than watch it while it's running on TV, we watch it all in one sitting. Well, not so much now since Little A came along, but we still get the box set every year.

2) My crafty eyes are way bigger than my crafty stomach. Meaning my "to-do" list is way longer than my "doing" or "done" list. Especially since I love starting new projects before I finish anything.

3) I've been in one pretty bad car accidents, one fender bender, and two almost deadly car accidents. One of them involving a fire truck almost hitting my car head on as I was pulled over on the side of the road waiting for it to pass, but another car pulled out in front of the fire truck and he swerved to miss it and almost lost control, almost running into me. He got control of the truck just in time. The other; a small trailer had come unhitched from an SUV on I-70, crossed two lanes of traffic to come into my lane, the hitch turned toward me and if anything had happened differently the trailer would have jumped my hood and come through my windshield. But my beloved White Lightning, my first car a Mazda Protegé '93, sacrificed herself and drove over the trailer as it reared toward me. The trailer ended up under the hood, breaking the front axel and destroying the engine. I cried all day about my car, but then later cried about how lucky I am to be able to cry about my car. I still can't listen to Neil Young's "Long May You Run," without crying.

4) I promised I would tell you about why a "zombie wand" was so ironic to me, so I'll go ahead and tell you now! I love zombie movies, I love zombies. I dream zombie dreams. But! I also fear zombies. I KNOW they are not real, I know they don't exist. I have this vision in my mind that when I open my garage door either at dusk, dawn, or dark, there will be three zombies waiting to come get me. They're always the same zombies in my vision too. A man wearing a brown suit torn up, a woman in a pink get up of some kind, and a younger man in regular street clothes. All rather further along in the zombie. Weird, I know.

5) I've lived in 15 different houses, 5 different states (one state twice, so 6 states total), and two different countries in my life. My dad was in the military, but some of the moving was due to circumstances.

6) I've mentioned this before, but I have naturally curly hair. When I wash it daily it gets frizzy and stringy, so I wash it every other day (I shower daily though!). When I was in middle school I tried everything to get straight hair, including using chemicals, nothing worked! But I love my curly hair so much now.

7) I converted to Catholicism in 2007. Or began the conversion in 2007, I was confirmed in 2008 on Easter. My husband is Catholic and both my parents were raised Catholic. But what sparked the change was a pastor from a Christian church. He refused to be a part of my wedding because my husband is Catholic and I was Christian at the time. That was his only reasoning and he couldn't back it up well enough. When he refused my request, he didn't have enough respect for his own beliefs or for me to look me in the eye when he told me "no." But it turned out to be one of the best things to happen religious-wise. I love being Catholic! I had thought about trying out Catholicism before all that happened though, it just worked out with that chain of events.

Daffny! Im calling you out!
K at
Sara at

I'd like to know seven interesting things about you three ladies!
This was fun! I enjoyed sharing that stuff with you. If it wasn't enough or interesting enough, let me know and I'll tell you some more interesting things about me! Thanks again, Jennifer!

Until next time!

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  1. You're welcome! Very cool =) I always wanted curly hair but it was super straight growing up. After having kids, for some reason my hair has some wave to it and now I wish it was just straight again. LOL


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