Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Beginnings and Olden Tymes

Hello! Just thought I would share a picture of my gorgeous birthday flowers from my darling husband! A boquet of my favorite flowers, Gerbera daisies, which was also our wedding flower. Orange is my favorite color, by the way!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did. Saturday flew by and I don't remember specifics, but Sunday was the greatest! First off, I want to tell you about Little A's new beginning..

She's been threatening to jump the crib rail for awhile now, and Friday I put her in her crib for a time out and this is what she did. I decided I didn't want a trip to the ER had she figured out how to get all the way out and not land it. It's so sad to see littles in casts for broken bones, and I didn't want Little A to be one of those kids. So while E was running errands, I began the transition. Halfway through though, I got hungry, so we took a break. It worked out that way though because I needed E's power tools to help us out, plus the extra set of toddler wrangling hands helped too. It didn't take all that long and Little A loved it immediately! Each night has progressively gotten better, and she hasn't gotten out of bed at night the last two nights after being put to bed! Woo-hoo! Go big girl! I'm proud! I think she likes it because she can get out of bed as soon as she's ready and doesn't have to wait on one of us. Not to mention my back feels so much better from not having to hoist her over the railing!

Isn't it cute? Well, it's not all that cute when she scares you because she sneaks up on you when you think she's asleep and you're fixing a snack in the kitchen. I think my heart has flipped a times this week. By the way...

This is Daisy Bear. Or Dai Dai as Little A calls her. She's actually named Daisy because of the Gerbera daisy. This is the beloved bear that cannot be missing come bedtime, naptime, cranky time, sick time. She is Little A's staple. And God forbid if mommy washes her before bedtime and doesn't have her dry before lights out. Ugh! What a night that was! I thought I would introduce her to you because I've been telling you about her for awhile. Can you tell? She's happy to meet you! I think it's adorable that her favorite cuddle friend should be a polar bear, because my favorite cuddle friend as a kid was a polar bear with a red cowboy hat. His name, Mr. Teddy Bear. Why not though, right? I still have him too.

And here is my new beginning! I love hair cut days! My last hair cut/style was November '10. Minus the trim my friend gave me, I haven't had anything done to my hair since then. It was ponytail styling all day, everyday! My hair is naturally curly (which after much prayer turned out to be passed to Little A too) and my hair lady, and very good friend of mine, temporarially straigthened it for me. E loves it straightened but I think it makes me look like a different person. Maybe that's the whole point!

It's a little wind blown today, but I love it! (And I look tired here, sorry!)

Anyway, on to Sunday! E took the day off from work so he could take Little A and I to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. It's exactly what the name suggests, a little village dedicated to the Renaissance era. They have food, games, rides such as a dragon boat on ropes and the little riding swings all operated by the poor knaves who get suckered into it, and shops everywhere! Selling mostly handmade and always unique treasures. One guy was selling magic wands and zombie wands ("Made from real zombies," as he said). Once we come closer to Halloween, I'll tell you exactly why that is so funny and ironic for me. Pinky swear!

But this! Was the thing I will remember forever. Little A loves elephants, the real ones, no stuffed animals. I thought she would be scared because she's scared of those little motorized Barbie cars, but she loved it. The elephant was probably the sweetest one in history too! Little A reached out and wanted to touch her and I took her hand and gently rubbed her head with our hands. If you can see it in the picture, the elephant lifted her trunk and put it on her head, almost touching us, as if to say hi back! It brings a tear to my eye thinking back on it.

Little A didn't laugh or squeal, but she did enjoy it. I know I did! After we got off, I asked if we could pet her ear and the guy said we could. As we pet her ear she looked back at us and leaned in for some more lovin'! If we go back next year I'm certain she'll remember us if she's still there.

I have an affection toward elephants too. Just the real ones. When I was younger, my parents took me to a circus and having arrived early we got to see the elephants practicing their performance. I fed one of the elephants an apple slice before they went backstage. During the show, as the elephants were performing, the one I fed the apple to came over to me! He wouldn't leave either, they had to end the elephants' performance because of it. Aw, sorry, I just made you walk down memory lane with me twice this post!

Well, anyway, on the crafty home front, I haven't stopped the hexie train, but it has slowed down considerably. And the things I HAD to get done? Hahaha, still need to get them done! The most important thing has to get done before Saturday though, it's a birthday gift. Well, anyway, I've babbled enough for one day. I've been thinking though, I'm gong to do a special post later this week featuring all the projects I have in progress so I can show you just have craft ADHD I really am! I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Until next time!

Edited to Add: Jennifer, from the blog "It's Just Jennifer," is working two projects from a book called, "50 Sensational Crochet Afghans and Throws," and I've fallen in love with her projects and her variations of them! I began to grow jealous and wanted a copy of the book for myself! It was 60$ on amazon! And Barnes and Noble didn't have it either. I finally found it on a little known website, brand new, for no where near 60$. I'm very happy with the purchase! Now, I just wish it would get here already! Thanks for the inspiration, Jennifer!


  1. oh those are pretty flowers! and yes you can see the trunk of the elephant way to sweet.well hopefully you'll have a great day tomorrow too! i know A will, she always does. love ya kiddo

  2. Hi Tabby. Happy birthday! What a sweet hubby you have. Your hair looks gorgeous both ways. Haven't had a hair cut in ages. I think it may be time again. I think those leaves are the perfect fall yarn craft. Wishing you a happy weekend. :)

  3. $60! Wow! I think I got my copy for $20. It's an awesome book, but I'm glad you didn't pay $60 for it.

    I was too afraid to let the girls ride on the elephant at the circus when we went a few years ago. Of course, I think only Iz would have done it.. Olivia was afraid of the ponies and Zoe was a baby.

    Love the hair cut. I haven't had mine cut in probably a year and a half. It's up in a ponytail almost every day, but I always seem to hate my hair after I cut it.

  4. A new baby on the way. Exciting! The bobbly blanket will be perfect for your new little bundle. Wishing you a happy week. :)


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