Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Has Sprung (Kinda)

Good glorious fall day! The weather is wonderful (to me, E wishes it were summer again). Its supposed to warm back up tomorrow I think, but today Little A and I are in jeans and sweatshirts and her little diaper butt looks so cute in jeans! And guess what else came out of hiding today?

The Chucks! This particular pair has been with me since birthday '08. They haven't had much wear time in the last few years because of my first pregnancy and birthday '10 I got a pair of Justin gypsy boots that saved me 2-3 minutes of shoe-putting-on time. But I have missed my chucks.

I finished my first knit project thanks to the inspiration of Attic24's Little Lady. Lucy's daughter was making one of these and I thought it was perfect to be a first knit project. Thanks to technical advances (YouTube) I was able to re-teach myself what a friend of mine already taught me about knitting.

Thank you Little Lady for inspiring me! And I finished it in the same day too.

It was very well recieved by Little A!

Haha, but it was short lived. After this picture she kicked him to the curb and decided other things like slides and rocks were better. Oh well!

Today was grocery day. Whenever we buy new eggs E marks the old ones so we eat them first. I got to mark them today! I love drawing on food (those that can be drawn on) and ziplock bags with food in them. I'm quarky like that.

E likes it though. I ask him if it embarrasses him at work when he has cartoons on his bags and others see it. He says no and I believe him, but I also like to believe that the other guys are jealous their wives don't do stuff like that for them.

Little A and I spent some time outside after we got back from the grocery.

Sometimes I get lucky and she stays where I can see her and sneak out a few rows, rounds, stitches on any given project. Other times the project is flung aside because being outside causes deafness in children (along with corgis) and the threat of punishment quickly turns into reality. But thank goodness it's nap time, for a little bit, which mostly equals quiet time for mommy. I know this time will more than likely be coming to a very sudden stop when #2 comes in March. Wouldn't trade it for anything though!

Especially the sharing of snacks that follows nap.

Yesterday, we took a ride around the country and E cut down some Brown-eyed Susans (I don't know if that's the technical term, but that's what I call them). When we got home they were all wilted and didn't look too good, but E put them on water anyway. I'm glad he did because they all came back! They have a nice country/dusty smell that swallows up the whole kitchen. What a nice way to brighten a kitchen.

Well, I've abadoned my mission to get the hexie blanket by my birthday, which is ok! But, I realized that I have so much other stuff that needs to be done. I'm ok with putting my blanket aside for a little bit.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I get two very important projects get done by this weekend. My nephew's quilt, because he literally could be here anytime though his not due until the 5th of October. And a granny rectangle baby blanket for the lady down the street, who is due soon I think. We have not met them, but a baby gift is the prefect ice breaker! Right? I hope you all have a great week!

Until next time!


  1. Hi Tabby! Loving that little knitted owl. I really, really want to learn to knit. This does look like a good started project. And how cool that Lucy's daughter is now inspiring some of us to knit. Wishing you a happy Wednesday. :)

  2. Those eggs are cracking me up! That's great. And it's so sweet of you to make a baby gift for your neighbor. I want to make baby stuff so badly but people just won't have any babies around here. How rude of them ;)

  3. deaf and it's amazing how fast little legs can run! don't worry about not having your blanket done for your b-day you'll just fit in with having to have a project done on time, lol and it won't be you if you had it done!
    love you kiddo

  4. The hexi blanket looks lovely. I really like how you gave yourself permission to lay it aside for now. Such an important ability to have! Happy crafting!

  5. So what will your family be for Halloween? We were thinking of doing a Despicable Me theme.


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