Thursday, September 8, 2011

147 BPM

Good morning! I know it's been far too long since my last post, a few of my more outspoken readers have told me so! And more than once. But there was reasons for my absences. I haven't quite been feeling like myself and for good reason too! I've been feeling worn down and very tired along with two physical ailments that had to be treated with antibotics and OTC ointments. Well anyway, I have SOOO much to tell you, so take a deep breath because we're diving in!

The weather has been more on the pleasant side lately and Little A and I have been spending more time out back. The other morning I drug our old comforter out with us and I laid on that as she ran around picking up rocks and chasing Mabel and Tonka.

Then she came over and crawled all over me and bounced on me. At least it was fun for her.

We've been playing with friends.

And cousins too! So overall, Little A has been pretty busy!

The fair was last month and this year I entered in a little baby afghan. It's my own pattern, which I'm still writting up the pattern for, but it's great in my head and looks great made up in yarn! And would you guess what? Your's truly recieved a blue ribbon! I'm very excited about it!

Then, a few weeks ago, I was letting the dogs back inside and a wasp followed us in! Luckily, Little A was sleeping but I was a little freaked out. It flew to the window above the sink and hid behind the curtains. I tried to get it out the window, it doesn't have a screen on it so it could have just flown out the open window. But NOOO! I chased it around for a good half an hour and with each passing minute my blood pressure and anger was moving upward. No longer did I care whether or not he live or die! So it was game on now. I grabbed some glass cleaner to get on his wings so he couldn't fly and my flip-flop. Spraying blinding up the curtain and swatting at the buzzing, he finally fell to the window sill disoriented and afraid. No, I did not feel powerful mastering the fate of this little creature, and no I did not feel triumphant at my killing. But I was glad the whole ordeal was done. He did suffer, I should say, I had to squash him at least 3-5 times before he expired. It was not a happy time. Afterward, I sat down and ate my lunch just in the nick of time, because Little A woke up pomptly after the last bite. *sigh* What a crazy afternoon.

The Sprinkle (which is a downsized version of a baby shower) was perfect! I finished and iced all 48 (minus a few) cupcakes and baked two batches of brownies, showered, dressed, and wrapped my present just in time to leave on time for the sprinkle. Well, in time to set up for it.

It all happened so fast, I didn't get a picture of the feast before it was dug into, plus I'm bad at remembering to take "before" pictures anyway. But it was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed the goodies and good company. Little A stayed home with Grandpa and Uncle Tom because she seriously needed the nap she got, no party likes a cranky baby.

This is the crochet blanket I made for my nephew to be, if you recall. It was one of many crochet blankies recieved. How different each crochet style is, but each still so beautiful. There was a blue one that was my favorite, so soft and lush. I'll have to find out what kind of yarn she used. I also have a quilt I still have to finish quilting before my nephew arrives in early October! I don't want yo show you until it's done.

We've made a few trips to Quick Trip in the last few weeks because their goodies are well recieved with everyone in the family. Mostly Little A.

Who is always wet from tipping her drink by the time we get home.

And who doesn't love a trip to the ice cream truck? My neighbor and I were granted a business card with a direct line to the man himself. So when we hear him ringing his bell we can call him and tell him he better come down our street! Which is a rare for him to do.

I've also been up to my crafty ways again! I started working on my hexie blanket again and I'm hoping to give it to myself for my birthday! September 21! I have 10 more rows before it's done so we'll see. Plus I still have the granny stripe for E to finish, and the quilt... But what do I do instead?

Start ANOTHER project! This is my first knit project and it's going to be for Little A. I'm hoping to finish it today or tomorrow. It'll be so cute! She'll love it, I know! She's just like her dad in that they both love home made gifties. Well, I do believe this is a most random post, but I hope you enjoyed it. Now that I'm finally feeling better I hope to get back to regular posting. Since there wasn't many people who requested to be entered into the star drawing, I'm going to make a garland for each of you! You know who you are! (Daffny A., I still have your's!) Before I go, I have to show you the latest project I'm working on. I had some help from E on this one...

Wait for it...

It should be completed come March 2012. :-)


  1. I enjoyed catching up with you! (Via your blog post, lol.) So excited for you!

  2. wow wow love those blogs! tears in the eyes at last comment, can't help it, its the age yeah that's it for sure. great projects congrats an the blue ribbon!!!!!!!!!!!! love you kiddo


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