Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crochet Goodies + Easter Stories

Easter was pretty good this year. E had to work but my dad and brother came out to keep little A and I busy until he did get home, then we went to E's parents for dinner.

E took little A on a tractor ride that she loves last year but this year wasn't so sure. She didn't cry just fussed like she didn't know what was going on, and we told her we were going bu-bye. She looked around and said, "bu-bye" in a said little voice as if she was really saying, "can I leave this place for something better?" The tractor ride didn't last very long, E was disappointed, but there is always next time!

The dress that almost wasn't... I waited until the night before Easter to wash little A's dress, because I was worried about washing it anyway. I had good reason to worry. The seams in the skirt of the dress fell out! The fabric frayed and unraveled (which I didn't sew to closely to the edges) and parts of the arm holes came undone (only two spots were I did sew to closely to the edges). I was understandably upset, it made my stomach tighten up and tears well up in my eyes. I wasn't altogether upset because the dress had fallen apart, I was upset because if I couldn't fix the dress little A didn't have a back up dress to wear because I didn't buy one! If I couldn't fix it she wouldn't have a dress to wear for Easter! But thank goodness, I was able to fix everything! And of course, she was adorable in it.

Oh, here it what I made for all the littles in my life! I made 5 of these babies. Of course, I was so excited to give them away I didt get pictures of all of them. *Sigh* I seem to be doing that a lot lately. But they were so much fun to make and that much more fun to give away. The two in the picture are Mario and Luigi, both belong to little A.

The other day I got a wild hair, or is it hare? Anyway, I'm working on that hexagon blanket (I'll post a link as soon as I can/have permission) and it's a join-as-you-go process, meaning you join the pieces together as you're working on them instead of piecing them together when every piece is finished.

I thought to myself when I first saw this method how lazy and unprofessional it was. Boy was I wrong! Big time! It's so much fun and it looks better in a way, I think, plus I was able to finally do something with all the granny squares I had made and wasn't doing anything with because I dreaded the sewing together.

Look how beautiful it is! I'm so happy I found the join as you go! This is actually the first traditional granny square anything I've done. It's only a little afghan but I'm so in love with the whole granny experience now that I want to so everything granny! But I must fulfill my other crafty obligations before I get to play around.

Look how big they're getting! No buds on the sunflower but it as the basil smell amazing!

But anyway, next week I'm going to have more crafty goodies to show to you! And I'm thinking of a crafty give away because I'm nearing 200 views on my blog. Yes, yes! I'll have to think of something fantastical that you'll enjoy.

Until next time!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Bunny PSA

(Above: Rabbits on display in a pet store)
It's that time of year again. Pet stores pray for a good turn out every year and most gets their wishes. Mothers and fathers love the looks on their little ones' faces when they see a cute little fuzzy rabbit, with a wiggly nose, and soft ears and whiskers. Sure, they're small enough now, and seem like a great idea for an Easter present, but PLEASE DON'T fall into the Easter= rabbit for Junior. Don't buy one because it seems like a good idea at the time.
Rabbits are a life long commitment, at least 5-10 years depending in the breed. If you can't or won't take at least an hour out of your day to play, groom, and check over your rabbit, clean their potty pan/litter box (yes, rabbits can be box trained) 1-2 times a week and be prepared to spend 30$ weekly for romaine lettuce, hay, and pellets, don't get one.
Rabbits are considered exotic animals and most vets will see them but many are not well versed in rabbit. Specialist are well versed and will be better qualified (meaning experience, but meaning more expensive too).
Rabbits are the only mammal that can neither pass gas, burping or otherwise, or vomit. Therefore, if your bunny gets a hair ball he cannot spit it up like a cat. That's a trip to the bunny doctor. Nail trimming, teeth examining, shots, well being, all things the bunny doc will do for your exotic treasure.
I'm not saying don't get one if you want one, just know they're expensive and time consuming. But if you're heart is in it, it's also very rewarding. Though similar to cats, they are very playful like dogs. They give kisses and click their teeth, and jump and bound around when happy. With a personality bigger than body.

(Above: My home set up for Joey and Alfy)
I know both sides of the "Easter bunny." Joey was an Easter bunny bought for brother when I was a sophmore in high school. Like most people will do, we were unknowingly killing Joey very slowly. We only fed him iceberg lettuce, which is just water basically, and carrots, which are full of sugar and fat. Nothing heathy really. Within two years Joey hadn't gained any weight and was being to loss fur from his legs and belly. Luckily, E's (we were dating at the time) mom had been raising house rabbits for awhile and set me straight on a lot of things that a lot of people get wrong if they're not ready or educated for a bunny. Joey's story has a happy ending. He got better with proper care and nutrition and is still alive, living into a very old age.

(Above: Alfy in his potty pan)
We have had three rabbits altogether. Colby, who we rescued because he was a school rabbit not wanted and yet again another instance where he was not properly cared for and he unfortunately passed away two years ago because that poor care caught up to him. And Alfy, whom we got right before Colby passed away as a baby from the pet store.

(Above: Joey on his shelf)
In short, I don't want to tell you what to do or what not to do, but please know the facts. Our animal shelters are packed to the brim with animals that people picked up and brought home before they truly understood what they were doing and got rid of because they couldn't take care of that animal or didn't want anymore. Be educated and be prepared. Make wise decisions before you commit to something you weren't ready to commit to. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them or point you in the right direction if I cannot answer them for you.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Call it Good

Hello! This week wasn't quite as strange last week but still just as disorganized! Until yesterday, our kitchen table was still in our living room. Now it's back in it's rightful place and the kitchen is slowly getting back to it's regular chaos. E has done a great job painting the kitchen!! The paint, called "Pool Party" is a wonderfully light and bright comparison to the hunter green that used to hover on the kitchen. All that is left to do is trim the sliding glass door! Yay!

Remember this? That green behind the bag is what used to be in the kitchen. The. Whole. Kitchen. Blah! I mean it's a nice color, I just don't feel it's best in a kitchen.

We had to Kilz over the green first and then do the blue. Look at E go! He did such a wonder job with everything! I knew he would though. A is pretty excited to have her play area back upstairs and I'm ready to get the house back in order. I slacked a lot more than usual while the kitchen was being made over.

But never in the craft department! While E spent his evenings, after A went to bed, in the kitchen I worked on A's Easter dress! And...

It's finished! Thankfully next Sunday is Easter because it is almost too small! I made it without a pattern so I just made my own measurements and I obviously didn't measure for some wiggle room. (C'mon! It's my first attempt! :-))

But she loves it! And so do I! Now I know, kinda, what I'm doing, the next dress I make will be better/bigger, and trust me, there is probably going to be a LOT more dresses!

And I have my kitchen window back an now everytime I wash my hands I get to look at my growing plants. They are going nuts! No blooms on the sunflowers yet, but they're huge. The basil is actually putting on the leaves you can cook with and eat. Next week I'll be able to show you a bunch of goodies I've been working on! Until then, here's the new blanket I'm working on, my first one I'm making for myself! There I said it, now I can't turn around and give it away.

It's a scrappy hexagon blankie! I'm using only the left over yarn I've collected over the last year or so from previous projects. I love it!

I love the new paint too! It makes the kitchen seem so much bigger.

Little A loves it too! But anyway, that's about all the babbling I've got for today.

Until next time! And Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 11, 2011


(A trapped in a display model. I say we get one and use it as a time out chamber)
This week seems like it's been too long! Last Sunday E took the day off from work to begin installing our new back door. It's a sliding glass door with blinds between the glass. Fancy! It's replacing a single door and window. Through this experience I learned that not only do I enjoy creating things but also destroying things as well. E was punching holes in the wall with a hammer, to get ready to tear out the wall and I asked if I could try. He handed over the hammer and I danitly hit the wall and left a little half moon dent in the wall. The next swing was harder and made an actual hole. I was so excited, I repeatly and speedily hit the wall with the hammer. Being an adult I stopped myself and handing the hammer back to E. I asked E if he could tell I had fun, he said, "a little." I don't know exactly what he meant by that but I'd be happy to hammer down the next wall all by my lonesome!

My dad and brother stopped in to hang out with A and I, but good thing they did because E needed extra hands to hold up the header (too tall for me to help). While the men worked on that, A somehow managed to nap in the cool basement despite all the nose. Surprised us all. It was close to 90 degrees that day, man did that basement feel good!

When she woke up she acted as if she had never been asleep. She just got up, rolled off the couch and started playing with her toys. Just like a little rabbit caught unaware and sleeping in the sun.

My house and kitchen especially are beyond cleaning consideration. I told E I felt like I'd be cleaning for months to get the house back in order. E is finishing the mudding for the dry wall and then we're going to repaint the kitchen. I'm so excited for that! Not so much the cleaning afterward. Blagh... But I am excited and anxious to get the kitchen table back in the kitchen. The living room is housing our table right now.

On a lighter note, A got a new carseat! The one we had we were borrowing and I was never crazy about it anyway and a particular incident set me off. I've had problems getting the straps to tighten all the way and when I did the seat was still loss. It's given me nothing but problems since we switch it to front facing. No more shall I repress my true feelings when E would say, "are you sure this is right?" No more shall I be afraid to switch the carseat to another car because I don't want to mess up a so-so position of the seat in my own car! Good ridance to the seat with too many unnecessary straps, knobs, buttons, clicks, pulleys, etc., etc.! You will not be missed. Plus, the new one has a cup holder!

Wait, what's this? Is it true? Spring may be spring! My tulips are blooming! Look at that brilliant orange! That's my favorite color, by the way. They are the first ones to rear their beautiful heads. They were just green buds this morning, and now they're velvety petals, which little hands love.

But speaking of blooms...

Look how big the sunflowers are already! And the basil really popped in the last day. I just planted these two weeks ago tomorrow. I thinking I'm going to have to repot the sunflowers soon, their roots are sticking out of the bottom of the pot! Maybe they'll bloom for Easter? That would be a nice Easter present for me. Well anyway, enough rambling for today. I leave you with this:

My gladiator baby. She was wearing a dress but she couldn't climb on to things with it on and became sweaty when she tried.

Until next time!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things That I Love II

Climbing, half naked babies who throw things off the shelf for their mom to pick up later.

Half naked babies getting into old (but clean) rabbit potty pans on St. Patty's day.

Clean fish houses. So pretty!

Completed projects. This is a clothespin basket I made for E because the one you buy at the store that we had fell completely apart. Fashioned with holes and sharpish hard plastic sticking out of the top, it was time for something new. I didn't use a pattern, just made it up as I went along. Funny story about the hot air balloon fabric: I had gone to Hobby Lobby and seen it in the remnants pile at least 5 different times. E asked me the day before if I could make him a new basket and I said of course! Not only was that hot air balloon fabric still there (and hot air balloons happen to be a favorite of E's) there was also that sweet kite and butterfly fabric there too. It was a major score for the team! I was so excited. That was like three weeks ago and I just sat down and finished it the other day. E was thrilled and is excited to hang out laundry next time with his new bag, complete with aluminium eyelets which frustrated me, until I realize you have to use a hammer to make it work right.

Another view of it hanging up, ready to go outside!

New seasonal notepad for the fridge.

My Scentsy burning a new delicious flavor! I love the little light it casts in the dark.

Last but not least, something new amongst my kitchen window goodies. Can you spot them?

Here they are! I found these two pot your own plants at Target in the dollar spot and felt I needed something to cheer me up since I had just had a doctor's visit (boo!). It's a basil plant(s) in the green pail and Sunny Smile dwarf sunflowers in the tiny pot. Both I'm super excited about and I can't wait to share the basil with the bunnies. They love fresh herbs. I hope you enjoyed them too!
Until next time!