Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Call it Good

Hello! This week wasn't quite as strange last week but still just as disorganized! Until yesterday, our kitchen table was still in our living room. Now it's back in it's rightful place and the kitchen is slowly getting back to it's regular chaos. E has done a great job painting the kitchen!! The paint, called "Pool Party" is a wonderfully light and bright comparison to the hunter green that used to hover on the kitchen. All that is left to do is trim the sliding glass door! Yay!

Remember this? That green behind the bag is what used to be in the kitchen. The. Whole. Kitchen. Blah! I mean it's a nice color, I just don't feel it's best in a kitchen.

We had to Kilz over the green first and then do the blue. Look at E go! He did such a wonder job with everything! I knew he would though. A is pretty excited to have her play area back upstairs and I'm ready to get the house back in order. I slacked a lot more than usual while the kitchen was being made over.

But never in the craft department! While E spent his evenings, after A went to bed, in the kitchen I worked on A's Easter dress! And...

It's finished! Thankfully next Sunday is Easter because it is almost too small! I made it without a pattern so I just made my own measurements and I obviously didn't measure for some wiggle room. (C'mon! It's my first attempt! :-))

But she loves it! And so do I! Now I know, kinda, what I'm doing, the next dress I make will be better/bigger, and trust me, there is probably going to be a LOT more dresses!

And I have my kitchen window back an now everytime I wash my hands I get to look at my growing plants. They are going nuts! No blooms on the sunflowers yet, but they're huge. The basil is actually putting on the leaves you can cook with and eat. Next week I'll be able to show you a bunch of goodies I've been working on! Until then, here's the new blanket I'm working on, my first one I'm making for myself! There I said it, now I can't turn around and give it away.

It's a scrappy hexagon blankie! I'm using only the left over yarn I've collected over the last year or so from previous projects. I love it!

I love the new paint too! It makes the kitchen seem so much bigger.

Little A loves it too! But anyway, that's about all the babbling I've got for today.

Until next time! And Happy Easter everyone!

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