Monday, April 11, 2011


(A trapped in a display model. I say we get one and use it as a time out chamber)
This week seems like it's been too long! Last Sunday E took the day off from work to begin installing our new back door. It's a sliding glass door with blinds between the glass. Fancy! It's replacing a single door and window. Through this experience I learned that not only do I enjoy creating things but also destroying things as well. E was punching holes in the wall with a hammer, to get ready to tear out the wall and I asked if I could try. He handed over the hammer and I danitly hit the wall and left a little half moon dent in the wall. The next swing was harder and made an actual hole. I was so excited, I repeatly and speedily hit the wall with the hammer. Being an adult I stopped myself and handing the hammer back to E. I asked E if he could tell I had fun, he said, "a little." I don't know exactly what he meant by that but I'd be happy to hammer down the next wall all by my lonesome!

My dad and brother stopped in to hang out with A and I, but good thing they did because E needed extra hands to hold up the header (too tall for me to help). While the men worked on that, A somehow managed to nap in the cool basement despite all the nose. Surprised us all. It was close to 90 degrees that day, man did that basement feel good!

When she woke up she acted as if she had never been asleep. She just got up, rolled off the couch and started playing with her toys. Just like a little rabbit caught unaware and sleeping in the sun.

My house and kitchen especially are beyond cleaning consideration. I told E I felt like I'd be cleaning for months to get the house back in order. E is finishing the mudding for the dry wall and then we're going to repaint the kitchen. I'm so excited for that! Not so much the cleaning afterward. Blagh... But I am excited and anxious to get the kitchen table back in the kitchen. The living room is housing our table right now.

On a lighter note, A got a new carseat! The one we had we were borrowing and I was never crazy about it anyway and a particular incident set me off. I've had problems getting the straps to tighten all the way and when I did the seat was still loss. It's given me nothing but problems since we switch it to front facing. No more shall I repress my true feelings when E would say, "are you sure this is right?" No more shall I be afraid to switch the carseat to another car because I don't want to mess up a so-so position of the seat in my own car! Good ridance to the seat with too many unnecessary straps, knobs, buttons, clicks, pulleys, etc., etc.! You will not be missed. Plus, the new one has a cup holder!

Wait, what's this? Is it true? Spring may be spring! My tulips are blooming! Look at that brilliant orange! That's my favorite color, by the way. They are the first ones to rear their beautiful heads. They were just green buds this morning, and now they're velvety petals, which little hands love.

But speaking of blooms...

Look how big the sunflowers are already! And the basil really popped in the last day. I just planted these two weeks ago tomorrow. I thinking I'm going to have to repot the sunflowers soon, their roots are sticking out of the bottom of the pot! Maybe they'll bloom for Easter? That would be a nice Easter present for me. Well anyway, enough rambling for today. I leave you with this:

My gladiator baby. She was wearing a dress but she couldn't climb on to things with it on and became sweaty when she tried.

Until next time!


  1. I love the new door! The space will look so good with a fresh coat of paint. Can't wait to see it!

  2. Wow, what a week! The door does look great, and I love the picture of A trapped in the shower display.


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