Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Project

I'm one of those people that has to have a plathora of projects going at one time. I suppose i do this so if I begin to go bored of one project I jump over I another one. Mostly in between large blankets or complex patterns I slide over to a hat because it's instant gratification and goes quickly, so I feel I'm truly accomplishing something with my crochet.

Yesterday, A's grandpa, my dad, came over to hang out with us (E works the weekend and our Saturday/Sunday are Monday/Tuesday) and he put her down for her nap. Let me take a step back, A has never gone to sleep without the boob and definately has never let anyone other than her dad and myself put her to sleep. I was ok with this despite the heaviness I felt in my breasts, and for some reason I thought we would try it again with E that night. A was a little upset and confused and tried to put up a fight but her daddy got her to go down. I sat in the living room and listened. When E came out he said, "she's out," I lost it. With a quivering lip I nodded and continued to play on my phone. He tried to make me feel better and told me I could always go wake her up an feed her, I laughed and shook my head telling him that if I did it would be for my own selfish reasons now that I knew she could fall asleep without me.

Earlier that day I had googled pictures of "wavy crochet blankets" and found a beautiful pattern that looked more like argyle rather than waves. But it struck my fancy and I saved the site and left it at that. After I had dried my eyes last night and E and I were sitting in the upstairs living room I felt my hands growing idle and itchy. This is a clear sign that some crafting MUST be done! But none of my current projects tickled my croche bone and I remembered that "wavy" blanket pattern. I pulled up the pattern and gathered some Hobby Lobby's "I love this yarn!" I'd been saving for a blanket for A and set about making the "wean-y blankie." I somehow felt closer to my daughter by starting this project for her. Then this morning as we were playing she found the small beginning of her future blanket. I rubbed it against her cheek and asked her if she liked the soft blanket, the smile I got in return was what makes making things for others truly worth every stitch.

Then this morning she protested and fussed so much I ended up nursing her earlier than her normal nap time, she fell asleep, and then slept for three hours! Two hours is normally her max napping time, though she has been a little under the weather. I hope she feels better soon. Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Day

A friend of mine on Facebook started a blog a few months back and everytime I see she has a new posting I eat it up. I soon realize I was eager to see what she would write next, which I thought weird of myself because I don't read many things online, especially blogs. Then I started thinking, "huh, I think I'd like to do that." So here I am, starting out on something I've never done or thought I would do, and at some point will grow weary of constantly writing. But like the new year or a birthday, I'm raising my glass and toasting to this new adventure! Cheers!

So to begin I'll tell you a little about me;
My name is Tabitha, but those closest to me call me Tabby, and I'm a stay at home mom. I live with my husband, who I'll call E, and my currently 11 month old daughter, who I'll call A. We've been married since July of '07 and have been togehter since October '05. We have two Welsh corgis, Mabel and Tonka, and two lop eared rabbits, Alfy and Joey. I love to craft! Yarn, paper, fabric, paint, you name it! Crochet is what I mostly do but E bought me a sewing machine for my birthday so I'm teaching myself to quilt (thank goodness for "...For Dummies" books!). I'm a semester away from completing my bacehlor's degree in psychology but thanks to A had to put on hold. Also thanks to her, I have probably changed my mind about psychology and choosen something that will allow me to spend more time with my family. But for now I'll just enjoy my crafting sessions during A's nap times and dream about the future.

I hope this wasn't too boring, I plan on posting pictures of things and maybe post some of my own patterns I've written up! I'm sure I'll be adding more tidbits about myself too. Too new beginnings!