Friday, October 14, 2011

A Wave and a Ripple

Good afternoon! I realize it's a week and two days late, but those of who've been pregnant with a toddler know energy is a thing of the passed. No excuse. No excuse! I promised I'd be better about posting an it only lasts a few weeks before I drop off again.
Little A, just turned 20 months, has decided that the terrible twos was perfect to start right now. But of course, the other day when it was the worst it was a full moon. She's just so independent and wants to do everything herself, and when the "no's" come out so does the throwing-self-on-floor tantrums. Ugh! Luckily they only happen at home, so far.

Can you believe this face ever doing something like that? I CAN!

Besides being the tantrum police,
I tried to work out a pattern for a Halloween decoration/stuffy, but it did not turn out how I wanted at all! I think I know how to fix it though, which is good because it was so my head. I'm also feeling frustrated over Little A's Halloween costume, I'm sewing it up without a pattern but it's not working out either. Good thing I decided to practice on scraps first, I have an idea as to what I'm doing wrong so hopefully I'll get it right soon.

I'm also writing down my pattern for this hat and hopefully I'll have it posted tomorrow or Sunday. Yep. I'm gonna share it with you! It's so easy and everyone loves them. I made this baby version in a few hours (including frequent stopping to watch TV and tickle Little A). Anyway, onto the waves...

I've been working on two of my wavy/ripple blankets everyday. The weany, now big girl, blanket in the mornings while Little A watches Disney's "Cars" and eats pre-breakfast in our room (she's obsessed with that movie!). The weany blanket came about after I purchased some of Hobby Lobby's yarn, "I Love This Yarn" and while nursing Little A scanning Google for crochet blankets in images. I found the pattern at, it's free too! I started it back in January one day when I thought Little A was leaving nursing behind just to comfort myself. Turns out it was just a fluke and the next day was business as usual via nursing. She's been weaned since May and I'm still not done with her blanket. Done for her birthday? Christmas? Maybe! She loves it though, she stole it from me this morning.

And my ripple in the afternoon while she naps. Her one hour nap. What happened to my good sleeper?! She's still a good sleeper but mommy misses the two hour naps. The ripple grows faster than the wavy, and I've joined Lucy's, at, Ripple Along. It is her pattern, after all, that I'm using. I love all of Lucy's patterns and I think I told myself when I had time I'd make my favorites. That was awhile ago and as of right now I'm working three of her patterns. The hexie, the granny stripe, and the ripple. If you have time and are looking for something new to work on, Lucy has great tutorials! I'm trying to do the colors randomly but I'm keeping the orange an the pink away from each other. They do not look good next to each other. I'm not good with "picking" random colors so I got an app for that! I type in how many numbers and press generate! It picks the color for me. I did all five colors, one after the other, in the beginning so I just use that to convert numbers into colors. I'm liking using this method so far.

It's wonderfully warm, as are the other two blankets I'm working out with Hobby Lobby's yarn. It's funny because each one is made with the same yarn but they all feel so different. The granny stripe especially is so thick and heavy, while the wavy is so blankety, as the ripple so airy bit so snuggly. I love them all! I can't wait to finish them all! Well anyway, that's about all I've got today! Not uper exciting. Keep your eye out for the tutorial this weekend, I promise it's coming! But in baby news: I'm currently 18 weeks.

Eleven days left until we find out if #2 will tip the estrogen scales or level us out with testosterone. Mommy votes boy, Daddy votes girl. Either way, our love is only going to grow.

Until next time!


  1. diff a boy and one that loves rolled tacos (homemade) but to say the least the belly is growing to fast for a girl. BOY BOY BOY!!!!!!!!! love you kiddo

  2. I'm not very good at random, either. It's looking good though =) I know you must be excited about your ultrasound. It's so fun to see that little baby.


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