Saturday, October 22, 2011

All in a Day's Work

I know this is late but you'll appreciate why in just a moment...

Hello! Good weekend to you. I hope you're having a fabulous one! Well, so far. I've been very busy craftwise, and the house hasn't suffered too bad because of it! Little A has been very sweet the last week or so. We went to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday and of course the few pictures I snapped are still on my camera. This morning, Little A was entertaining herself while E and I made breakfast and this is what I found.

She drug her quilt pillow (my first ever project on my sewing machine), her blanket, and Denny up there to lay down. She stayed there until breakfast too. She even yelled at me when I asked her if she was done.

Her obsession with hats is back too! I'm glad, it'll make Halloween easier. I'm going a different way with her costume but it'll still give the same desired effect... I need to do that before Friday. Wednesday my friend Meg, her little girl, Little A, an I went shopping. I bought Little A some much needed bigger jammies, something for the new baby, and she bought something for the baby too.

This is what I bought the baby. Right now we call the baby Peanut so there was no way I could pass this up. First piece of clothing I've bought the baby.

And she bought this! She loves Cars and I joked with E that she wanted to name the baby Lightning. In reality, it's probably not far from the truth.

Remember this? It's been abandoned for the time being. The lady down the street had her baby last week, or was it the week before?, anyway they're KU fans. KU's colors are blue and red. The colors of this blanket, though not intended, resemble that of KSU, purple and white, who is KU's bitter rival. You can imagine the enormous facepalm that happened one afternoon on our walk as we passed their house and the KU flag flapped loudly on the front of their house. You cannot give KSU colors to a KU fan, even if unintentional. The blanket might have even been thrown out had I given it to them. No joke. But anyway, instead of forming a new plan I drug my feet and played with other projects. Then the day came when the were home from the hospital, pink balloons on porch banister. That's when the the idea for a new blanket hit me.

I played with colors and idea, but I had a direction. I think it always had to be granny squares though.

Had to have blue and red in it after my realization of the fan bases.

And of course, had to be pink.

The squares alone were almost obnoxious, but together!, they are wonderful. It took me three days for this little blankie, but it's just now downstairs drying in a blocked formation. We saw the new family drive by yesterday on our walk and I kicked myself for not having it "done". I wanted to run back to the house, stuff it in a bag and give it to them right away. But tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll force E (my shy man) to go over with me a make friendly with our neighbors we have never met but always wave to. Plus, the pumpkin hat I made as my sample is going to them as well. I love gifting my goodies! It makes so happy! But here comes the reason for my tardy post...

Ta-da! My nephew's quilt all finishes. 100%! It was looking grim for awhile because this is my first project I used my Big Foot free motion foot on and still not having it figured out all the way, there were many thread, machine, quilt, etc., battles. I had given up three different times because my frustration broke into angry sobs that clouded my vision and made me sick to my stomach. I'm an "all in" emotional person, I can't have any emotion without crying and anger normally makes my stomach hurt.

At one point I told my sister-in-law she wasn't getting the quilt because it was "the worst thing I've ever done." Just the quilting part, the piecing was great! She encouraged me and I carried on. It didn't turn out as bad as I thought. After all, it was my first really real quilt.

I love the binding and how it matches the boats. I love using unrelated binding most of the time because to me it creates a frame around the quilt. But this binding is so crisp with the rest of the blanket. LOVE it!

Little A did too! She thought it was very spin-worthy...

And lay-worthy. She's a big fan of blankets. I'd say she fits in with the rest of the family.

I love folding up finished projects. It just feels more complete that way.

On another note, I have been crocheting pumpkins like crazy! Sara, at, featured the pattern for this little guy on her blog. (The pattern is found at
Funny story about this. The woman who owns the blog is from another country and she is kind enough to write in her native tongue and in English. I was not aware of this as I was geared up to started the pumpkin and missed the sign saying the English version was down below. I was disappointed at first. But I read the foreign pattern anyway, and you know what? I could actually understand most of the pattern and was going to try it that way! But thankfully I scrolled down further and saw the English version before I got started. I need to make 5 more of these little guys to give out and finish one more pumpkin hat. I've made two child sized hats in the last two days. By the way, if you're using my pattern I'd love to see your progress or finished project!

Well, anyhow, that's about all I've got for today. Once the little pumpkins are done I'm starting on some hats and my Christmas present projects, plus I still have to finish my anniversary projects. Haha, poor E, before Christmas I promise sweetie!

Three more days until we find out what the Peanut is! Guesses anyone? I'll post just to tell you the results, come Tuesday. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Until next time!


  1. Everything looks great! I have a quilt top I started a year ago that I'm still not mentally ready to actually quilt. Quick work on that blanket! I know it's just a baby blanket, but I'm so used to projects like that taking me forever. I am sure they will love it!

  2. pumpkins pumpkins everywhere wow! now its time for turkeys turkeys and then bows bows bows wow how time flies. good luck tomorrow tues. i know you'll have one of each cause you won't follow in your moms foot steps. and let A know we'll nickname him lightin' cause he'll be as special as her.

    love you kiddo


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