Thursday, September 29, 2011

Projects on Parade

Good morning! I hope your week is going swimmingly. Mine is turning out fair enough! Monday we had a pregnancy well-check up and the baby is doing good as am I, and the heartbeat is at 144. We'll be finding out the sex on October 25, I'm so excited! For awhile I didn't have a guess as to which sex it would be, then I guessed boy, and now I have a feeling it's going to be a girl. Either way, I'm going to be extremely happy. Little A is doing great in her toddler bed, she hasn't fallen out yet (knock on wood) and she sleeps wonderfully in it! And E has been very busy in the backyard.

Our grass has died in places thanks to the kiddie pool and Mabel's pee. E has been trying to grow grass for a few days and he's sure he has it figured out this time! I hope so, I'm tired of taking the corgis out front, and so are they. Plus, I know it would make E happy if this time worked out.

It came the day after my birthday, wrapped up like a present from grandpa.

Yay! I'm so excited to try some patterns. There's one in there that is going to make a wonderful Christmas present. I plan on making most, if not all, of my Christmas present this year, so I better get in gear and start them! Especially if I don't want to be giving presents in May like I ended up doing last year. Last week I told you I'd show you my crafty ADHD, it wasn't as bad as I thought, but of course I didn't take pictures of ALL the WIPs, just the ones that I work on regularly.

This is the weany blanket, which is now the big girl blanket. I've been slowly working on this since January! I wasn't going to show it until it was complete, but who knows when that will be! So, here it is, about half finished I'd say. It's not hard, just finding time or energy to work on it. (I Love This Yarn)

This is Baby #2's blanket. Sara at Tangled Happy posted the link for the pattern, I'll do the same in a little bit! (I Love This Yarn)

This is E's anniversary present still not finished. I forgot how heavy this thing is and how warm. I can't wait until I finish it! It's about half done too. (I Love This Yarn)

It's the hexie, almost half done, resting on the quilt, back showing, that I still need to finish quilting. (Red Heart left overs)

This is E's anniversary quilt that is sandwiched and waiting to be quilted and bound. Who knows when I'll do it! Quilting makes my back hurt sometimes. Hopefully I'll do it before January.

That's a pillow I'm working on for Little A that's about 2/5 finished. Is that a real fraction? Oh well! It'll be pretty neat when it's done. (Red Heart)

This is the baby blanket I'm supposed to be making for the lady down the street. It's about half finished too. (Caron One Pounder)

This is something I'm working on for a birthday present or Christmas present, I haven't decided yet. It's also the granny squares I used for my granny tutorial. I love the colors. (Red Heart)

And this! Is my blanket. The colors were picked out by E, who has such an eye for color it puts me to shame. He bought them for me for my birthday, which I was very happy about. I love that I have something fresh and new to make for myself. Don't get me wrong, I love the hexie blanket, but it's a ball stash buster. Haha, I had to watch my wording on that one! And all of the yarn I'm using for it is left over from other projects, which is special in itself, but my wavy blanket is spanking new. (I Love This Yarn)

This is Kelsey, or formerly known as Kelsey. A finished project, would you believe it? This is a birthday present for a friend's daughter.

She will be loved by the birthday girl, I know! I busted stitches and finished this in two days. It's a free pattern by Red Heart on their website. I don't plan on making another for awhile, and if I do I'll take my time. (Mostly Red Heart)

I've had to kiss butt twice today! Just to let you know! Whenever Little A gets bumped she has me kiss the boo-boo, which is sweet because as soon as I do she's perfectly fine. But today she's fallen on it and of course wanted me to kiss it and make it feel better. The second time she fell on it, it looked like something out of Super Mario brothers! She was on a plastic tote and tried to scoot off and the whole thing tipped over. She fell with her legs out and landed perfectly on her butt on the floor. I couldn't stop laughing and she came mad faced to me and offered me her butt to kiss. Once it was kissed, she was on her way. I don't think I've ever kissed such a cute butt before. Or ever! At least she said thank you.

One more thing before I scoot. Apparently love of socks begins early, or is in fact inherited. Either way, I'm pretty happy about it.

Until next time!

Seven Things

Jennifer from "It's Just Jennifer" at
(still don't know how to link up on my "smart" phone) nominated me for a blog award, I feel very honored and special that she would pick me.

She wrote that I have to tell you seven interesting things about myself, and pick 15 blogs? I don't know 15 blogs, but I'll list some I know! This is gonna be fun!

1) My husband and I love "The Office" and each September we buy the newest box set. Rather than watch it while it's running on TV, we watch it all in one sitting. Well, not so much now since Little A came along, but we still get the box set every year.

2) My crafty eyes are way bigger than my crafty stomach. Meaning my "to-do" list is way longer than my "doing" or "done" list. Especially since I love starting new projects before I finish anything.

3) I've been in one pretty bad car accidents, one fender bender, and two almost deadly car accidents. One of them involving a fire truck almost hitting my car head on as I was pulled over on the side of the road waiting for it to pass, but another car pulled out in front of the fire truck and he swerved to miss it and almost lost control, almost running into me. He got control of the truck just in time. The other; a small trailer had come unhitched from an SUV on I-70, crossed two lanes of traffic to come into my lane, the hitch turned toward me and if anything had happened differently the trailer would have jumped my hood and come through my windshield. But my beloved White Lightning, my first car a Mazda Protegé '93, sacrificed herself and drove over the trailer as it reared toward me. The trailer ended up under the hood, breaking the front axel and destroying the engine. I cried all day about my car, but then later cried about how lucky I am to be able to cry about my car. I still can't listen to Neil Young's "Long May You Run," without crying.

4) I promised I would tell you about why a "zombie wand" was so ironic to me, so I'll go ahead and tell you now! I love zombie movies, I love zombies. I dream zombie dreams. But! I also fear zombies. I KNOW they are not real, I know they don't exist. I have this vision in my mind that when I open my garage door either at dusk, dawn, or dark, there will be three zombies waiting to come get me. They're always the same zombies in my vision too. A man wearing a brown suit torn up, a woman in a pink get up of some kind, and a younger man in regular street clothes. All rather further along in the zombie. Weird, I know.

5) I've lived in 15 different houses, 5 different states (one state twice, so 6 states total), and two different countries in my life. My dad was in the military, but some of the moving was due to circumstances.

6) I've mentioned this before, but I have naturally curly hair. When I wash it daily it gets frizzy and stringy, so I wash it every other day (I shower daily though!). When I was in middle school I tried everything to get straight hair, including using chemicals, nothing worked! But I love my curly hair so much now.

7) I converted to Catholicism in 2007. Or began the conversion in 2007, I was confirmed in 2008 on Easter. My husband is Catholic and both my parents were raised Catholic. But what sparked the change was a pastor from a Christian church. He refused to be a part of my wedding because my husband is Catholic and I was Christian at the time. That was his only reasoning and he couldn't back it up well enough. When he refused my request, he didn't have enough respect for his own beliefs or for me to look me in the eye when he told me "no." But it turned out to be one of the best things to happen religious-wise. I love being Catholic! I had thought about trying out Catholicism before all that happened though, it just worked out with that chain of events.

Daffny! Im calling you out!
K at
Sara at

I'd like to know seven interesting things about you three ladies!
This was fun! I enjoyed sharing that stuff with you. If it wasn't enough or interesting enough, let me know and I'll tell you some more interesting things about me! Thanks again, Jennifer!

Until next time!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Beginnings and Olden Tymes

Hello! Just thought I would share a picture of my gorgeous birthday flowers from my darling husband! A boquet of my favorite flowers, Gerbera daisies, which was also our wedding flower. Orange is my favorite color, by the way!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did. Saturday flew by and I don't remember specifics, but Sunday was the greatest! First off, I want to tell you about Little A's new beginning..

She's been threatening to jump the crib rail for awhile now, and Friday I put her in her crib for a time out and this is what she did. I decided I didn't want a trip to the ER had she figured out how to get all the way out and not land it. It's so sad to see littles in casts for broken bones, and I didn't want Little A to be one of those kids. So while E was running errands, I began the transition. Halfway through though, I got hungry, so we took a break. It worked out that way though because I needed E's power tools to help us out, plus the extra set of toddler wrangling hands helped too. It didn't take all that long and Little A loved it immediately! Each night has progressively gotten better, and she hasn't gotten out of bed at night the last two nights after being put to bed! Woo-hoo! Go big girl! I'm proud! I think she likes it because she can get out of bed as soon as she's ready and doesn't have to wait on one of us. Not to mention my back feels so much better from not having to hoist her over the railing!

Isn't it cute? Well, it's not all that cute when she scares you because she sneaks up on you when you think she's asleep and you're fixing a snack in the kitchen. I think my heart has flipped a times this week. By the way...

This is Daisy Bear. Or Dai Dai as Little A calls her. She's actually named Daisy because of the Gerbera daisy. This is the beloved bear that cannot be missing come bedtime, naptime, cranky time, sick time. She is Little A's staple. And God forbid if mommy washes her before bedtime and doesn't have her dry before lights out. Ugh! What a night that was! I thought I would introduce her to you because I've been telling you about her for awhile. Can you tell? She's happy to meet you! I think it's adorable that her favorite cuddle friend should be a polar bear, because my favorite cuddle friend as a kid was a polar bear with a red cowboy hat. His name, Mr. Teddy Bear. Why not though, right? I still have him too.

And here is my new beginning! I love hair cut days! My last hair cut/style was November '10. Minus the trim my friend gave me, I haven't had anything done to my hair since then. It was ponytail styling all day, everyday! My hair is naturally curly (which after much prayer turned out to be passed to Little A too) and my hair lady, and very good friend of mine, temporarially straigthened it for me. E loves it straightened but I think it makes me look like a different person. Maybe that's the whole point!

It's a little wind blown today, but I love it! (And I look tired here, sorry!)

Anyway, on to Sunday! E took the day off from work so he could take Little A and I to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. It's exactly what the name suggests, a little village dedicated to the Renaissance era. They have food, games, rides such as a dragon boat on ropes and the little riding swings all operated by the poor knaves who get suckered into it, and shops everywhere! Selling mostly handmade and always unique treasures. One guy was selling magic wands and zombie wands ("Made from real zombies," as he said). Once we come closer to Halloween, I'll tell you exactly why that is so funny and ironic for me. Pinky swear!

But this! Was the thing I will remember forever. Little A loves elephants, the real ones, no stuffed animals. I thought she would be scared because she's scared of those little motorized Barbie cars, but she loved it. The elephant was probably the sweetest one in history too! Little A reached out and wanted to touch her and I took her hand and gently rubbed her head with our hands. If you can see it in the picture, the elephant lifted her trunk and put it on her head, almost touching us, as if to say hi back! It brings a tear to my eye thinking back on it.

Little A didn't laugh or squeal, but she did enjoy it. I know I did! After we got off, I asked if we could pet her ear and the guy said we could. As we pet her ear she looked back at us and leaned in for some more lovin'! If we go back next year I'm certain she'll remember us if she's still there.

I have an affection toward elephants too. Just the real ones. When I was younger, my parents took me to a circus and having arrived early we got to see the elephants practicing their performance. I fed one of the elephants an apple slice before they went backstage. During the show, as the elephants were performing, the one I fed the apple to came over to me! He wouldn't leave either, they had to end the elephants' performance because of it. Aw, sorry, I just made you walk down memory lane with me twice this post!

Well, anyway, on the crafty home front, I haven't stopped the hexie train, but it has slowed down considerably. And the things I HAD to get done? Hahaha, still need to get them done! The most important thing has to get done before Saturday though, it's a birthday gift. Well, anyway, I've babbled enough for one day. I've been thinking though, I'm gong to do a special post later this week featuring all the projects I have in progress so I can show you just have craft ADHD I really am! I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Until next time!

Edited to Add: Jennifer, from the blog "It's Just Jennifer," is working two projects from a book called, "50 Sensational Crochet Afghans and Throws," and I've fallen in love with her projects and her variations of them! I began to grow jealous and wanted a copy of the book for myself! It was 60$ on amazon! And Barnes and Noble didn't have it either. I finally found it on a little known website, brand new, for no where near 60$. I'm very happy with the purchase! Now, I just wish it would get here already! Thanks for the inspiration, Jennifer!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Has Sprung (Kinda)

Good glorious fall day! The weather is wonderful (to me, E wishes it were summer again). Its supposed to warm back up tomorrow I think, but today Little A and I are in jeans and sweatshirts and her little diaper butt looks so cute in jeans! And guess what else came out of hiding today?

The Chucks! This particular pair has been with me since birthday '08. They haven't had much wear time in the last few years because of my first pregnancy and birthday '10 I got a pair of Justin gypsy boots that saved me 2-3 minutes of shoe-putting-on time. But I have missed my chucks.

I finished my first knit project thanks to the inspiration of Attic24's Little Lady. Lucy's daughter was making one of these and I thought it was perfect to be a first knit project. Thanks to technical advances (YouTube) I was able to re-teach myself what a friend of mine already taught me about knitting.

Thank you Little Lady for inspiring me! And I finished it in the same day too.

It was very well recieved by Little A!

Haha, but it was short lived. After this picture she kicked him to the curb and decided other things like slides and rocks were better. Oh well!

Today was grocery day. Whenever we buy new eggs E marks the old ones so we eat them first. I got to mark them today! I love drawing on food (those that can be drawn on) and ziplock bags with food in them. I'm quarky like that.

E likes it though. I ask him if it embarrasses him at work when he has cartoons on his bags and others see it. He says no and I believe him, but I also like to believe that the other guys are jealous their wives don't do stuff like that for them.

Little A and I spent some time outside after we got back from the grocery.

Sometimes I get lucky and she stays where I can see her and sneak out a few rows, rounds, stitches on any given project. Other times the project is flung aside because being outside causes deafness in children (along with corgis) and the threat of punishment quickly turns into reality. But thank goodness it's nap time, for a little bit, which mostly equals quiet time for mommy. I know this time will more than likely be coming to a very sudden stop when #2 comes in March. Wouldn't trade it for anything though!

Especially the sharing of snacks that follows nap.

Yesterday, we took a ride around the country and E cut down some Brown-eyed Susans (I don't know if that's the technical term, but that's what I call them). When we got home they were all wilted and didn't look too good, but E put them on water anyway. I'm glad he did because they all came back! They have a nice country/dusty smell that swallows up the whole kitchen. What a nice way to brighten a kitchen.

Well, I've abadoned my mission to get the hexie blanket by my birthday, which is ok! But, I realized that I have so much other stuff that needs to be done. I'm ok with putting my blanket aside for a little bit.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I get two very important projects get done by this weekend. My nephew's quilt, because he literally could be here anytime though his not due until the 5th of October. And a granny rectangle baby blanket for the lady down the street, who is due soon I think. We have not met them, but a baby gift is the prefect ice breaker! Right? I hope you all have a great week!

Until next time!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

147 BPM

Good morning! I know it's been far too long since my last post, a few of my more outspoken readers have told me so! And more than once. But there was reasons for my absences. I haven't quite been feeling like myself and for good reason too! I've been feeling worn down and very tired along with two physical ailments that had to be treated with antibotics and OTC ointments. Well anyway, I have SOOO much to tell you, so take a deep breath because we're diving in!

The weather has been more on the pleasant side lately and Little A and I have been spending more time out back. The other morning I drug our old comforter out with us and I laid on that as she ran around picking up rocks and chasing Mabel and Tonka.

Then she came over and crawled all over me and bounced on me. At least it was fun for her.

We've been playing with friends.

And cousins too! So overall, Little A has been pretty busy!

The fair was last month and this year I entered in a little baby afghan. It's my own pattern, which I'm still writting up the pattern for, but it's great in my head and looks great made up in yarn! And would you guess what? Your's truly recieved a blue ribbon! I'm very excited about it!

Then, a few weeks ago, I was letting the dogs back inside and a wasp followed us in! Luckily, Little A was sleeping but I was a little freaked out. It flew to the window above the sink and hid behind the curtains. I tried to get it out the window, it doesn't have a screen on it so it could have just flown out the open window. But NOOO! I chased it around for a good half an hour and with each passing minute my blood pressure and anger was moving upward. No longer did I care whether or not he live or die! So it was game on now. I grabbed some glass cleaner to get on his wings so he couldn't fly and my flip-flop. Spraying blinding up the curtain and swatting at the buzzing, he finally fell to the window sill disoriented and afraid. No, I did not feel powerful mastering the fate of this little creature, and no I did not feel triumphant at my killing. But I was glad the whole ordeal was done. He did suffer, I should say, I had to squash him at least 3-5 times before he expired. It was not a happy time. Afterward, I sat down and ate my lunch just in the nick of time, because Little A woke up pomptly after the last bite. *sigh* What a crazy afternoon.

The Sprinkle (which is a downsized version of a baby shower) was perfect! I finished and iced all 48 (minus a few) cupcakes and baked two batches of brownies, showered, dressed, and wrapped my present just in time to leave on time for the sprinkle. Well, in time to set up for it.

It all happened so fast, I didn't get a picture of the feast before it was dug into, plus I'm bad at remembering to take "before" pictures anyway. But it was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed the goodies and good company. Little A stayed home with Grandpa and Uncle Tom because she seriously needed the nap she got, no party likes a cranky baby.

This is the crochet blanket I made for my nephew to be, if you recall. It was one of many crochet blankies recieved. How different each crochet style is, but each still so beautiful. There was a blue one that was my favorite, so soft and lush. I'll have to find out what kind of yarn she used. I also have a quilt I still have to finish quilting before my nephew arrives in early October! I don't want yo show you until it's done.

We've made a few trips to Quick Trip in the last few weeks because their goodies are well recieved with everyone in the family. Mostly Little A.

Who is always wet from tipping her drink by the time we get home.

And who doesn't love a trip to the ice cream truck? My neighbor and I were granted a business card with a direct line to the man himself. So when we hear him ringing his bell we can call him and tell him he better come down our street! Which is a rare for him to do.

I've also been up to my crafty ways again! I started working on my hexie blanket again and I'm hoping to give it to myself for my birthday! September 21! I have 10 more rows before it's done so we'll see. Plus I still have the granny stripe for E to finish, and the quilt... But what do I do instead?

Start ANOTHER project! This is my first knit project and it's going to be for Little A. I'm hoping to finish it today or tomorrow. It'll be so cute! She'll love it, I know! She's just like her dad in that they both love home made gifties. Well, I do believe this is a most random post, but I hope you enjoyed it. Now that I'm finally feeling better I hope to get back to regular posting. Since there wasn't many people who requested to be entered into the star drawing, I'm going to make a garland for each of you! You know who you are! (Daffny A., I still have your's!) Before I go, I have to show you the latest project I'm working on. I had some help from E on this one...

Wait for it...

It should be completed come March 2012. :-)