Monday, February 28, 2011

What a week...

If this looks like a tired baby, that's because it is! Last Monday night into Tuesday morning little A woke up with a fever of 101.3, this little girl never gets sick and the only time she's run a fever was the first two days she was on the outside. Her little fever drug on for three days, it never got over 100 again though. Her eating suffered, along with her usually pleasant attitude and sleep. We ended up taking her to the doctor but nothing was wrong in the ways of illness. My friend Megan told me her daughter (who's a year older than A) does the exact same thing when her teeth are bothering her. Low and behold, the next day I stuck my finger in her mouth and looked around and found that one molar had poked through and I could see more quivering with anxiety just below the suffer of her gums waiting for their turn to pop out! She seems to be feeling better though. I hadn't seen her sweet smile for a few days then it came back with everything else (appetite and good sleeping) the day before her party.

Happy first birthday (party) little A! It was a lot of fun! She had a blast with her cousin and friend. They all played with the toys in her toy box and ate chips and cupcakes.

Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of pictures of the party or the decorations. See, as this was my first party I didn't realize time speeds up within a few hours of the party and when you think you have two hours left before it begins in reality it's like 30 minutes. You have to get it done while you have the time! I don't have all the mom super powers yet (which I'm sure will come I'm time?) and I thought I had plenty of time. Wrong! There was still much to be done and by the time I realize it, it was 2 and the party was at 2:30. But everything did get done and everyone had a great time, I just didn't get many pictures. I DID get video of the cake smash though. I'm not that bad of a mom! ;-)

I know I promised a project reveal but with little A being sick I didn't have a lot of time to work on things. But I have some things in the works, along with a tutorial for crocheting letters into your project. Seeing as I don't have any followers yet, I am willing to bribe you all! I know you're out there reading my blogs and I am willing to reward you for following too. Let's say the first, say 5 for now, people to sign up to follow my blog will "win"...

THIS! Well, not this exact object, this is a picture of the finished project from a tutorial by Three Bears. Found at:
Sorry, I don't know how to link yet from my app for blogging.
I saw this tutorial and have yet to try it. But I'm going to get fabric for it this week and make it. I'll also be making 5 extras to give away to my first 5 followers. Then, once every couple to three months I'll have a drawing for some new (probably small) project I'm working on, to give away randomly to one of my blog followers. Who doesn't love free homemade goodies?! I know I do! But anyway, that's my bribe/reward to you!

To end my rambling is a picture of my traveling yarn. I have idle hand syndrome, as I call it, and always have a project close at hand, including in the car, to help ease my need to create. Poor E, everywhere he looks there's a pile of yarn. He's so tolerant. Until next time!

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