Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun Things that I Love

My mom, Little A, and I ventured to Wally World this passed Sunday, the day before St. Valentine's day and there was Twink walking around. I was looking for tasty things for A to eat and my mom was walking with Little A, who has been walking for a month now. All the sudden I hear, "Tabitha, Tab! Come here!" I look over and realize A is bravely walking up to this giant Twinkie with a cowboy hat. This little girl was scared of Santa, so seeing her reach out and touch this character was really funny.

This are our first piggy tails. We were getting ready to leave for the grocery and I thought I would try them out. I didn't think that, either 1) she wasn't going to hold still long enough for me to do it, and/or 2) she was going to pull them out as soon as I wasn't looking. Neither happened and I even got a compliment from a passer-by about how cute they looked. I was pretty happy.

This is my newest project. Pink, purple, and tan wavy blanket for a little girl. (not my little girl this time)

I'm making it with Lion Brand's "Hometown USA," which E laughed at when I told him the name. It calls for size N hook, but the N hook I have doesn't tickle my fancy, so I'm using a M hook. I much prefer the Susan Bates flat head aluminum hooks because I like the way the grab and hold onto the yarn better. I love the way this pattern looks and the yarn feels amazing to work with and in blanket form. I think this little baby will love it as much as I do.

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