Monday, July 30, 2012

2000 + You!

Hello out there! How are you? Any rain in your area? None here either. But July is almost over an Fall is around the corner. This morning at breakfast Elliott tried to tell Amelia what Fall is and she would agree and say she hurt her arm or knee when she falls. Haha, I love to hear her talk and figure out just what she's thinking by listening to her.

We've been trying to stay inside and the girls are so bored sometimes. I feel bad for Amelia because I know her legs are aching to run outside. Sorry, kid.

But Alyssa doesn't mind. She's very content on trying to crawl. 9 days shy of her 5 month birthday and she gets up on all fours and pushes with her legs and!... Face plants into the floor. She'll get there though. I just didn't think it would be this soon.

And the dogs have been super naughty today. Shame on them. Just barking at everything and I finally got tired of it and out them in time out, a.k.a the bathroom blocked by a baby gate.

We did go to the pool for the first time (Alyssa's first time!) this year with my sister and my aunt, whom Amelia calls grandma. Alyssa slept the first 20 minutes we were there.

And Amelia took grandma to the water immediately.

Alyssa woke up and played in the water and loved it! We would go more often but Alyssa is still tiny-ish and it's hard to do it by myself. So I'll have to drag grandma and auntie with us again before too long.

Well, I have some stuff that I'm working on and will show you as soon as it's finished but the real reason I'm calling is...

I'm almost to 2000 views! Now that's something. Ok, well means something to me! So, I wanted to say thank you to those of you that read my blog. And in doing so, the first three people who post a comment will receive a handmade crochet item from your's truly! Probably not a blanket though. And sorry, mom, you can't enter, you get my stuff all the time. I love you though! You can leave ideas if you wish or a preference of what you might like, along with your email, and I'll get it finished and shipped to you as soon as I can. So here's to you dear reader, Thank You! <3

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  1. Congrats, Tabby! I have no requests... I like surprises =) Whee!

    We don't get to go outside an awful lot lately either. My kids are going insane. 3 weeks until school starts, though. Hope I don't go nuts =)


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