Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fair Time

What happened?! I guess we were just having so much fun with the cooler weather, the fair, and each other, that I let the time pass me by and my blog is the one that suffered yet again.

I think these two and Elliott are worth the distraction though. Even if they destroy my house.

We went to the fair last week. Once as a family and once with just me and Amelia. My sister works for the sheriff's department and is awaiting her turn to go to the academy and she was patrolling the fair on Tuesday. She looked sharp! I'd never seen her on her uniform before so it was a treat for me. After she said hello she had to get back to work pretty quick. Amelia wasn't done with her aunt and followed her. My sister got a kick out of that.

Amelia and Elliott are both very much animal people. All animals! Amelia is currently stuck on frogs though. And I wish Amelia had a little more fear of things sometimes. She immediately went up to animals and stuck her hands through the bars.

Alyssa didn't really care. She was just happy to be outside. The weather was actually decent and there was no complaints from this mama! We got to the fair early to avoid crowds and lines on the rides. Amelia rode the carousel three time, the giant slide twice, and the flying elephants once. When we sat down for the first time on the slide Amelia tried to get up and she said, "I not wanna do it!" which is code for I'm scared, please let's go back! Looking down I got a little scared too, but the stairs going up were scarier than the actual slide.

We had some delicious, is delicious the right word?, fair food after our rides and the sky just grew darker and darker and the wind picked up. Elliott suggest we either leave or go look at the crafts. I was good with either one really. Then over the PA someone told us there was a storm close to our area and Elliott pushed forward into the display building. Just as we got to the craft area it down poured, and heavy too. We wouldn't have made it to the car. The rain didn't last long but Alyssa was hating the stroller by that point. I pulled her out and carried for awhile, until we got back outside then Elliott took over daddy duty.

There was a beautiful rainbow as we walked around in the cooler air with the damp cool breeze. It was very pleasant. We tried our first fried peach, it was so good, and shared Amelia's first funnel cake with her.

Alyssa fell asleep during dessert and then Amelia wanted to ride the carousel again. I love that Alyssa loves to fall asleep in Elliott's arms. Amelia would have none of that when she was a baby so I'm sure Elliott enjoys it too. Despite all the sugar Amelia ingested she went to bed really easy. As did Alyssa, and mommy and daddy. Having fun wears you out!

And in crochet news: I made my sister a mantis for her birthday.

It looked nice next to the one I made Amelia last summer. The colors are off though, my phone hasn't been working properly lately, so if you'd like to see the true colors its Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in peacock and hot rose.

She loved it! Amelia did too, she kept trying to take it as her own.

And then we went home and Amelia showed off for her aunt and uncle. This is her impression of Puss in boots. It's really good and Elliott and I ask her to do it until she yells no at us.

Well, that's about all I have for right now. I don't want to overload you with anymore awesomeness. :-) I hope you all have a nice day!


  1. Love that shot of the rainbow! And your crochet creatures look so soft! My amigurumi always come out super stiff, but I only have access to that awful red heart yarn where I live ... :)

  2. aw i really love to read your writing! maybe one day you"ll make a book of blog writing or just write a book! love you kiddo


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