Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Morning

This morning I woke up to the usual. Amelia handing me Denny, the ankylasaurus, so she can get into bed with Daidai under her arm while I throw the covers over her. To the sudden realization that this child is yet again up before I'd like to be, but 7:30 is better than 6:30, and Alyssa wasn't up yet. Then I listened closely, there were no shrill cries of locust but the soft tweeter of finches in the yard. It's been raining, misting, and gray since yesterday. You know what else I saw yesterday? For the first time in weeks, I saw a robin with a worm in his mouth.

After Amelia watched her Loony Toons videos (about 2) on my phone, she hopped down and knocked down the baby gate to get to the kitchen and get into things. She has a Minnie Mouse lawn chair she drags around to climb on the counters.

How convienent for her that it's so light. We've taken it downstairs countless times. But she had only just gotten into the cabinet when I finally pulled myself out of bed.

Sometimes, if I get the camera just right, in pictures it looks like we don't have neighbors. After I picked up the bits Amelia did get into I looked out the back door. We have two hummingbird (honeybird if you ask Amelia) feeders and just had to put the oriole feeder back up. We got some in the beginning of summer but then they left, but because there's no food (I.e. Bugs) they've come back looking for food. Elliott had a theory they were back because one of the honeybird feeders was super low after early morning, not like it should have been. The same day he told me his theory, before he told me, I thought I heard the croak of an oriole. He was right about them getting into the feeders and when they flew off they would slosh "nectar" from the feeders.

This is the best picture I could get of him. Little fingers had smudged my camera on my phone and when I had cleared it, he was gone. The honeybirds have been going crazy lately too, Amelia and I sit out back and watch them after Alyssa goes to sleep at night.

After fixing Amelia up with her morning fruit and milk, I had a nice snuggle with Alyssa. I always lay my hand on her back if I'm not rubbing it. I love snuggle time. After I had bragged to you about the 11 hour night she had a major sleep regression and was waking ever 2-4 hours at night. But last night was the best night we've had for at least for a month. She even woke up at 530 and out herself back to sleep! Knocking on wood that it wasn't a one time thing though, she'll be 6 months on the 8th, and still only pre-crawling.

Elliott threw out his back last night and is laid up on the floor, but the girls don't mind. And if you don't mind the mess, it's a cute picture. So I don't think we'll be getting out of our jammies anytime soon. I hope you have a great Sunday and I'll be back hopefully tomorrow with some stuff to show you.

Happy days!

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  1. Too funny! I have been working on a few very similar hats! :)


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