Friday, July 20, 2012

Much Ado about Things

*To my blogland friends: for whatever reason blogger is not letting me comment on your posts from my phone. I'm really sad about it because I like commenting on your posts as much as I like getting comments. I'm not ignoring you, I just can't comment! :-/


Can you believe how fast time flies? It's incredibly fast! Especially with two instead of one. Alyssa is a month old on the left and 4 1/2 on the right. I told a friend of mine that as first time parents we're ignorant and sometimes wish the time away so they would reach milestones (mostly the sleeping one). Being a second time mom, I realize that and have noticed that Alyssa is trying to do things earlier than Amelia did. As if my dumb wish of "I can't wait until..." from Amelia's babyhood traveled through time and space and whispered in Alyssa's ear. She got the memo and now I'm all but sitting on her to keep her little for longer.

And Amelia is pushing 2 1/2. Ugh! Just stay little please, you fit in my arms so nicely, Alyssa. Amelia, stop growing up! Your were Alyssa's size "yesterday!"

It's also so much easier to get a non- moving/blurred picture of them the younger they are! Think Alyssa will be a dancer? She's already practicing jazz hands! But then again, the outtakes are just as fun to look at as the "good" ones. Well, anywho, guess what I've done?

Finished MY ripple! The ending was a huge let down really, because there was no one to give it to. That's my favorite part is the giving. Plus, I loved rippling more than I though, I've already started another ripple, but baby sized for a friend.

I got all fancy with the pictures because the girls were asleep. At the same time! Side note: if my pictures are ever blurry I sincerely apologize. I was unawares that my iPhone, aka my camera/computer, took random blurry pictures, because they look clear on my phone. I need to get with the times and get my home computer hooked up to the outside world.

Beautiful, right? If you look at it too long, in person anyway, you get kinda dizzy and cross eyed.

The colors are completely random. When I started it back in September '11 I didn't like the red-y orange next to the pink, but a little bit ago I tried it and loved it. Too bad it was almost finished by that point. Somehow I ended up with way more pink and red-y orange left over at the end, naturally that became the border colors.

(ok, I know this one is blurry, sorry!) But then that was too much RO and pink next to each other, and since I already had it all stitched up I just slipped stitches the green between the two colors. Winner, winner! I loved it!

Elliott and I snuggling under our blankets together while watching some B movie on the free movie channel.

I love them together. Bright and mute. Male and female. Ah, so much softness! Elliott said it looks like me, like something I would buy somewhere.

With the left over yarn I made this for Alyssa. Sara posted the link on her blog,, to Naomi's blog,, where she posted her pattern. It's adorable and fun to make.

Alyssa quite enjoys it! :-) I just bought a cheap rattle at wal-mart and cut the rattle insert out and put it in the owl. I felt bad for the rattle so I decided I would stitch him back up sans his rattle parts and give him to Alyssa too.

I have some other stuff I want to talk about but I'm trying not to overload my posts with too much because I always forget to talk about certain things when I do that. So I'll save it for another (soon to come) post. I'm totally into baby wearing though and just got my ring sling I bought from a friend. I think I prefer the wraps but the sling is so much easier to put on and take off. Just gotta get used to it. Maybe I'll make one and see if that helps. Well, anyway, have a great and safe weekend!

P.s. You should check out the delicious new blog I found. Becca at A Hermit's Wish has a lot of beautiful things going on. Plus, she's expecting her first bundle in August.

P.p.s. Jennifer I want to make some granny squares for you! <3

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  1. Love your ripple blanket and your owl rattle turned out great! :)


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