Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three Years

Three years. That's:
1095 days
26,280 hours
1,576,800 minutes
94,608,000 seconds

I did the math.
Three years ago yesterday, my little Amelia barged her way into the world. I was a due February 5, 2010, I was progressing but not enough and not having any contractions. We were going to set up an induction date of Monday the 8th but they were full and went ahead with my originally wanted induction date of the 11th, since it's my dad's birthdays. I was ready to be done with pregnancy and wanted my little girl out already. We were so sure she wasn't coming out on her own we went and had our taxes done on my due date. On the 10th my mom and I went shopping, I cooked dinner, and straightened up the house. The morning of my induction day at 530am I started having contractions. Got up, went to the bathroom, took my shower, still contracting. Every five minutes. If you know Amelia you know this is just like her, wanting to do it on her own when she knows your going to do it. We got the hospital with Elliott trying to make me feel better by making me laugh asking me what the ratio of Stanley nickels were to Schrute Bucks and I would have to reply, "same as the ratio of leprechauns to unicorns." (if your an Office fan you'll know what I'm talking about). We got to the hospital and into our room about 7am. Got my epidural pretty quick because I was in pain and already a 4-5cm. I slept most of the time and about 1230 was really hot and uncomfortable. My wonderful, amazing nurse Abby came in and checked me just as my doctor came in too. I was ready. They got everything set up and me in position to push. I'm not sure how long I was pushing but it wasn't long, less than 30 minutes, and my big headed stubborn Amelia was born at 144pm at 8.5 oz and 20 inches long, with bright red fuzz.

One of the three top favorite days of my life. Bet you can't guess the other two.

This little girl amazes me everyday and I love her more everyday too. I'm so proud I get to call her my daughter and he calls me her mommy.

We had a Lorax party for her on Sunday with all the family. It was so much fun. I made the cake, a Thneedville hillside with truffula trees. And a surprise inside.

Rainbow insides! I had a lot of fun doing her birthday this year.

We had truffula decorations.


And of course delicious food that Elliott and I made. He was such a great help with all of this, he did a majority of the cleaning and kept me calm through all of it.

And of course, who could forget the Lorax mustache cups. I know I can't.

It was all worth it when she saw it all and we surprised her and she ran and hid for twenty minutes. Alyssa ate up all the attention that Amelia wasn't getting. Alyssa thought it was all great fun and loved seeing all of her favorite people, walking around like crazy to any outstretched hands beckoning to her.

Then Monday we all crashed and just laid around. In the afternoon we went out and about and took the girls to eat at T-Rex Cafe . I don't have any pictures because Amelia was terrified of some of the dinosaurs despite the fact that she loves them. Then Alyssa had a meltdown. But we still had fun, and came home and put everyone to bed early! Thank goodness too, everyone was super tired.

What a happy birthday day had by all. Happy birthday little bear.


  1. What a fun birthday party! Happy birthday, Amelia!

  2. it was a fun party and very well put together! mommy t your the best!!!!


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