Tuesday, February 19, 2013

P.C.P 2013 part 1

Why hello! Are you Midwesterners gearing up for the storm headed our way! My neck of Kansas is scheduled for 6-12 inches of snow. Of course if Kansas stays true to herself we'll probably get 3 or so inches, or truer still, we'll be tropical. But the way it feels outside is telling something is gonna happen. I've come to show you some things I've crossed off my list.

This darling little baby blanket that wasn't even a quarter finished. I started it way back on 2011. But once I knew who I wanted to give it to it was a race up the finish line.

I worked on it every chance I got and only ran out of one color in the process. If you crochet faster when you're nearing the end of a skein/ball, it does NOT make the yarn go further. It was so lame too because I was almost done with that row. The greens were a little off but not too terrible. If I would have just finished it years ago it wouldnt have been a problem.

But I finished the blanket and then finished a baby sock monkey hat, wrapped them up and delivered them toy giftee. She's due on March and cried when she saw the blanket and hat. I love reactions like that! It makes it all worth it.

Then I finished my Blooming flower cushion. I started this last year sometime, last summer I think, and I finally finished it today.

I ordered a feather insert because I just love feather pillows! I can't fall asleep without my feather pillow, I've been that way since I was 10 or so.

I washed the two halves before I slip stitched them together. The insert arrived today and I ran to the door and jumped up and down to see the brown box sitting on our front porch. Don't you just love getting packages? I know I do.

I simply love it! I did "mess up" on the pattern because I misunderstood a part of it from Lucy's blog. It was my fault though because I didn't read it carefully enough and ended up doing hdc, sc, sc, hdc between each pedal instead of only one sc. I still really like it the way it is.

I love the colors too, all I can think of it "candy stripes."

And what I love most about it is I get to cross another project off "Project Complete Projects 2013." Two more down! I'll have to recount to see how much I have left, but it's still progress!

Hope you're all staying warm and entertained.

We are! Hopefully we can keep the girls steadfast through the snow storm!

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