Friday, February 8, 2013


It's no mystery that being a mom is hard work, so I really won't make excuses or explain away my absence. But I will tell you that I just wasn't feeling blogging in the month or so I've been gone. Every time I might have thought about it I just felt anxious and tired, and who wants to do something that makes you feel like that? I don't. So I just skipped it. I'm sorry if you've missed me, I've missed you! We're all doing quite fine though. Alyssa still isn't sleeping through the night despite being 10 months old. On a good night she wakes up once in the early morning. On average, 2-3 times a night. On bad nights 4 or more times. I've talked to her doctor about it but he didn't seem concerned. So I've just accepted that she'll probably do this until she's weaned.

Amelia will be three on Monday and we're having her party on Sunday. It's Lorax themed and we really went all out for it this year with decorations and I'm making a cake, its going to be great! I read her "Oh, the places you'll go!" by Dr. Seuss the other day, I've never read it before, or at least that I remember, and I couldn't finish the last page until I swallowed the lump in my throat. Because if you knew her like I do, you'd know that she's already moved mountains and that there is no stopping the unstoppable force which is my Amelia. Three... I remember when we brought her home from the hospital.

My mom has been back in town for awhile and we've been spending a lot of time with her. Catching up on lost time, since she's been out of state with my step-dad, I guess you would say. We do all kinds of things together. It's been nice having her back. My girls sure do love their nana, we'll all be sad when she leaves next week. Gone for six weeks then back for my step-brother's wedding in April. Anyway, we survived Christmas and had a good time with all our families. Elliott and I barely brought in the new year, we were both ready for bed at 9. But we made it, then promptly fell asleep by 12:05. The life of partiers right?

We've spent the last two weeks cleaning the house. And every time we feel we have a hold on it we realize we really don't. Someone once told me that with kids you really don't clean, you just maintain. It's too true. Maintain a low roar of clutter and chaos. After the girls' birthdays I'm spending some time organizing and decluttering. I've already started with TCC (Tabby's craft corner). So wish me luck with all that! I've made a goal for 2013 since the TCC is out of hand.

This is an "organized" TCC, insane! So much yarn and fabric, but craziest of all was the amount of half finished projects I found in there.

I made a list of things to complete in 2013 and then I'm going to start to destash some oft horde. I'm calling it "Project Complete Projects 2013." So far I've completed two things.

A panda hat for my sister.

And a sheriff scarf, also for my sister since she's an officer for them. It felt good to mark things off the list, hopefully chasing that feeling will help me complete the list.

I've been working on a pattern for a doll too. I loved making this little doll.

I made one for both girls (per hair) and they're named Harriet, left, and Margret, right. Since Amelia has a hard time saying those names they are respectfully Carrier and Yogurt. I like what se came up with better. Before I put hair on Carrier Amelia kept asking me to make her happy (put a smile on her) and give her hair. Ever since I made her, Amelia has taken her everywhere. Made me happy that she loves her so much. Well anywho, that's a quick catch up on the goings-on of my little life. I hope you are happy and well! Hugs and love until next time.


  1. Harriet and Margaret are good names, but I have to agree that Carrier and Yogurt are awesome names! Glad to see you're doing well =)

  2. Carrier and Yogurt are so cute! The girls are both getting so big.


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