Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small Hello

Good morning! How are you? I'm good. Survived Thanksgiving, my dad and sister came as had dinner with us. This is my third year cooking dinner for my family, first with my dad and sister joining us. Each year I get a little further behind in all I do to get ready for it. My first year everything was done and on the table exactly when I said it would be. Each following year I've been rushing to get the rolls in the oven, the gravy made, and some other odd instances that make me feel frazzled. But it was all delicious and I had a great time with my family. That's what matters right? I hope you had a fabulous turkey day also!

I did not get my thing done for Thanksgiving. I started and was doing pretty well but then it hit me that Christmas isn't that far away and I still have so much to do to get ready for that.

I'm making everyone's Christmas present this year. I have a pretty good start on all of it but I need to stay on top of it if I'm going to make it.

I'm half done with this present. It's fun to work on and it has a lot of meaning in the colors.

Plus I'm working on some mantis for my aunt. Four for Christmas and another one for another time. I have one and a half finished.

That's what I work on after the girls go to bed. All other crochet things are worked on during the day. Then there's another blanket I've started but don't have a picture of, and a quilt I have to get done. Plus something I'm contracting to Elliott to make for me. And don't forget the endless hats and scarves I'm going to make. My goal for this year is to get it all done BEFORE Christmas. If I keep up the good work I'm confident I'll make it. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic though. We'll see! I'll keep you posted.

Oh! I just want to show you a few things. Starting at the bottom and going clockwise, that's Alyssa newborn, 3-4 months, and 8 months. It's ridiculous how fast time is flying.

There's Amelia as a newborn, one year, and today. She'll be three in 2 months and some change. Where does all the time go? Must have been all the fun time I've been having with these babies of mine.

We bought Amelia some pink Christmas lights for her room, I've been wanting to do it since last Christmas but Elliott said she was probably a little too young last year.

She loves them! I figured she would. I'm just glad Alyssa doesn't know that her big sister is getting something she's not. Next year might be a different story! Well, I'm sorry there's not more to show you. My mom and step-dad just got back into town so we've been hanging out with them all week. But I'll get pictures of the other stuff I'm working on for you next time!

Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Babies do make time fly, for sure. I'm sure you do have a lot of fun =) Good luck getting everything ready for Christmas!


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