Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crochet Hats and This and That

Hello there! How are you today? I'm great... Kinda. The girls have been keeping me up a lot of nights and while everyone is enjoying the nice little extra hour we received last Sunday I somehow am feeling like I lost an hour. But besides the lack of sleep I'm good. I wish the weather would decide if it wants to be hot or cold, I hate the fluctuation. Sorry, enough complaining! That's not why you're here!

I have a crawler now! She's been doing that since the 4th of October.

She doubles as a climber too, please ignore the mess, it was clean before the girls got to it.

And a trouble maker. My dad taught her that. Papa was so proud when I sent him the picture. At least it's not marbles. Yet...

So what have you been up to lately? I've just been hanging out with the girls and Elliott and trying to get the house organized. Is that really possible with children? Craftwise, I've been doing some things. Want to see?

I finally finished these hats a friend of mine wanted for her little boy and baby girl. I had a lot of fun making these for her.

And luckily Amelia is about the same age as her son.

And Alyssa is the same age as her daughter. My girls loved the hats too so I think they'll be getting a pair of their own soon.

Then I made this hat for another friend. Monkeys are very in right now, but are they ever not in? Sorry, I can't lead you to a pattern for these because there isn't one. If you'd like one I'd be happy to come up with a tutorial for them! Just let me know. :-)

I'm so lucky both of my girls love to have hats on! Makes trying to figure out length and size really easy. And taking pictures is much easier of someone is wearing them, but only if they hold still long enough.

I also did a swap for Halloween through ravelry, are you on ravelry? It's really fun but be careful because you can spend so much time on there and not even realize it. I did this little monster gal for my partner.

I put some goodies and a note in with the girl and sent her to her new home. My partner loved her! It's always nice when your work is appreciated.

And this is what I got from the person who sent to me! A little witch with orange hair and an orange purse! It included a little puff ball black cat and a little locket charm. I love getting packages! Especially when they contain something just for me! Amelia tried to run off with her several times, the goose!

Then I had this great idea for a sippy cup tether that ties to a suction cup that you stick to the high chair tray. Ok, it's not my original idea but the pattern is. It's made from a fat quarter, interfacing, Velcro, and a ribbon. This was my first one and it works great! But I need to tweak things to make it better.

Alyssa loves it and so do I because her cup isn't falling on the floor 50 times throughout dinner.

I also made this awesome Cell figurine for my brother to hang in his truck. It's made from polymer clay and has an eye thing (don't know the technical term) poking through his head.

I haven't given it to him yet but he has seen it. He says he loves it, which I hope he does, because I had so much fun making it!

Cell is a character from an anime show called Dragon Ball Z. We were really into the show when we were kids, among other anime shows. Hopefully he'll be hanging in my brother's truck before too long!

I'm also working on something else Thanksgiving related, I think I'll make a tutorial to go along with it too, not that it'll be all that hard for you to figure out on your own if you wished.

And I finally cleaned up my craft area. It was dreadful! It was one of those situations where I didn't realize it had gotten that bad and once I started cleaning it was much worse than I had imagined. And it still looks cluttered, that's why I'm not showing you a picture, but it's definitely cleaner.

Besides all that, not much ado about anything really. So I'll leave you with some pictures of my girls sleeping and wish you a happy rest of the weekend!

P.s. that little penguin was mine when I was her age. It's been keeping her safe at night. :-)


  1. i absolutely adore your hats. purely adorable!!! your models compliment the hats so nicely!!


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