Thursday, July 21, 2011


Good morning! Ok, I know I said I'd post on Wednesdays but yesterday doesn't count. It was our fourth wedding anniversary! E told me yesterday that he forgot our anniversary and offered me a high five as condolance. I cried a little. It's not that he said he forgot our anniversary, it was the high five that made it hurt. I looked at him and said, "you're making it worse." There has been so much going on here lately that truthfully I didn't know what day of the week it was until our Parents As Teachers lady texted to see if we were still ok to have our meeting the next day. In truth, I lost track of the anniversary, didn't forget! Just misplaced the days. But my sweet husband, who isn't like some husbands really did remember and had it all planned out.

He had these sent to me these, gerbera daisies, my favorite flower and our wedding flower, with a card that said, "Happy anniversary. I love you. E." He and little A took me to dinner at Johnny Carino's at the Legends and we ate all of our favorites! We don't go there hardly at all so it's really special when we do go. E told me that all other speghettis taste weird compared to mine (which is his favorite dish). It made me really happy to hear him say that.
Then we went to Cabela's to exchange something E bought that didn't work out for him and came home and did our normal routine stuff. But wait! He had something else for me! Oh my gosh! A Big Foot Free Motion Foot for my machine! *heart melting excitement* This guy was late coming home Monday night because he had to drive all the way from Kansas City to Lawrence (both are on the opposite sides of where we live) to pick it up. He must love me or something! I've been after this foot since January, with minimal searching though. And he bought it for me!

It's pretty much amazing! He's amazing! He remembers way more than I give him credit for sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I got him something too, but I'm making his for him, that quilt I mentioned earlier and that granny stripe blanket, of course neither were finished on time, but who is surprised? Not me! My brother didn't get his Christmas present until May! But it was a great day and a happy anniversary!

These are the booties that go with the hat.

Apparently it was a great success along with the quilt. It made the mother-to-be cry or almost cry, but she loved them and that's what matters! I didn't add toe nails because the pattern I used for the bootie wouldn't look right with toe nails.

I've also revised my pattern for the cupcake hat, I think I'll actually write it up and share it with you! And I'm also working on quilted coffee sleeves.

They're really fun and easy to make. I'll have to punch out a tutorial/pattern for that too.

I'm mass producting these they're so fast to make! Besides that crafty has been a little slow this week because E's schedule is backward so mine is too. Next week it'll mostly be back to normal thankfully.

Besides all that, we've been hermitting inside from the horrible heat, plus Little A is taking an antibotic that makes her already fair, redheaded skin more sensitive to the sun. Here I was excited for summer so we could spend most of our days outside! Ha! Maybe we'll get a cool down soon. Anyway, I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Until next time!

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  1. that was a great blog, love the hat and booties. as always look forward to reading the next one. love you all mom


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