Monday, March 14, 2011

Things We Want

(Above: Little A eating her first dum-dum)

As many of you know, this passed Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. It's a fasting and abstaining day that is followed by a Mass in which the priest marks the people of the church with the ashes from the previous year's burned palms from Palm Sunday. The ash is placed on the forehead. This is a tangible way to remind us that we come from ash and shall return to ash one day. If you didn't already know that. That marks the beginning of Lent. Lent is a time for setting aside things that distract us from spiritual growth and prayer.

This year I gave up the biggest distraction for me, Facebook. That's right! I moved the app on my phone to the back page so I wouldn't be tempted, which happens to also be by a rosary app, and everytime I feel the urge to fb I say a prayer or read a passage, or sit down and say the rosary. It's been good so far! But it's only been 4 days. For personal growth I gave up pop and cursing. Only one of those has been accomplished.

Now that you have the back story I can tell you what I mean to tell you. Wednesday, we didn't go to mass because it was being held right at A's bedtime, we got fried shrimp from the local burger joint and all I could think about was a frosty Dr. Pepper to go with it. I'm a sucker for it! Just like a little child I yearn for the things out of my reach. I get cranky and the thought of what I want stomps all other thoughts. The same thing happens when I feel the urge to crochet or quilt and have no time or supplies with me to do so. But this is exactly what God is jealous for. I'm not a religious fanatic, but I am spiritually rooted. God wants our thoughts to be centered around him and The Word and not more on worldly things. Anyway, I know you didn't come reading to get preached to, but just thought I'd share my thoughts.

Speaking of things we want... Thursday little A would not nap in her crib. I had to go in there and lay her on my chest in the recliner we have in there and try to get her to sleep. The eyes told me she wanted to go to sleep but just couldn't. I pulled the red blanket over my head to make a little tent to block out the sun. She fell asleep within five minutes. The whole time we lay there (an hour and a half) my stomach grumbled and protested against the lack of food to bully. All I wanted was a sandwich and an ice tea maybe a little crafting too. But then I looked at her sweet sleeping face with her half open mouth and her slack cheeks and pink eyelids, her button nose, and sweet breath. How a mother's heart yearns for moments like these. I was exactly where I wanted to be. Even if my arm was tingling from the weight of her head in the crook of my arm. I took a picture and sent it to E and he said, "Aw! She just needed her mommy!" And we all know need is great than want.

But this little adventure required a solution. Though I thoroughly enjoyed that tender time together, I know she sleeps better in her crib, so we took a trip to our favorite store... HOBBY LOBBY! I used my best Oprah voice for that, I hope you noticed.

Little A helped me pick out the perfect fabric for her curtains.

Isn't it pretty? I splurged a little on this though, it was a seasonal fabric and not on sale, but it was the one she liked best. I got a dark purple to go behind it too and made them from my own measurements and preferences. The two fabrics were hemmed sides first then bottom. It's a double fold hem on the bottom measuring appr. 2". Then I made the tabs for the top and pinned them between the two fabrics and sewed the tabs and two fabrics together to form like an upside down V. So if you look at the curtain it looks like two curtains but it's just one. It's not pitch black in her room with the curtains drawn but it is very dark. E asked me to make some for the rabbit/spare room too. He must like them. :-)

I am still waiting for my official followers to tell me where to send their little cosmetic bags! They're free to you, no cost of shipping or anything! Just let me know where to send them.

And look! It's your tutorial! Coming later today! I have time because E is at the dentist and I have nothing to do, well not really, nothing that can't wait until tomorrow! So..

Until then!

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