Monday, March 28, 2011

New Friends and Old Friends

Good morning! Sorry to have taken an unscheduled, untold break from blogging last week. I forgot what the days were and when it dawned on me it was blogday Monday it was too late by Tuesday I didn't have enough energy to write out something I wasn't feeling. So instead of halving it, I wholly didn't do it! I hope you understand!

So much has happened this passed week! I saw a lot of people this week and a half, last Saturday Little A, grandma and I met our second cousin and her mom from Oregon, this Thursday was a playdate with my friend down the street, Friday was an old friend I haven't seen in over a year with her new little one, Saturday was a visit with Grandpa (Little A's), Sunday I went to visit a friend in the next town over, who I missed her baby shower and finally got to formally meet. Then Sunday evening was a family get together. *Deep breathe, sigh* What a busy time, no wonder as I write this (9am) Little A is busy sawing logs still! 7:30a is our normal wake up. But having seen those good friends, old and new, I can reveal to you what I've been waiting to show you! Wait for it...

Here it is! The other quilt I made!

Tonka likes quilts, what can I say?

And crochet blankies! Little A's sweet hand too. That's a pattern of my own making.

And just a recap, though you've seen this one. I unfortunately did not get a picture of the other crochet blanket. But that's ok.

The outside tells us that spring has left us behind for more winter (it snowed again last night!) we've been pretending it's spring. My allergies are running wild and there's a lingering pressure in my head, but if the sun is shining and little A is smiling, it's spring inside at least!

That's a photo I pulled off Google images.
As Easter draws ever closer, I have some big crafty plans! Oh yes! Maybe too big you might ask? Ha! Nah! I've decided to make Little A's Easter dress! I have the fabric and the excitement for it. Have my own pattern in mind and am ready to go for it. I just hope it turns out as good as it looks in my head. But the picture above is what I have in mind but with different fabrics and such. I'm also making something special for Easter baskets, I can't show you! So don't try to make me spill the beans! It has to be a complete surprise! But I'm making two additional ones for my niece and Little A's friend. You're gonna love it too!

Speaking of old friends, Mabel and Little A playing in the shower. So cute! But that tutorial I've been saying is coming, is coming today! It was much harder than I imagined it would be, I had a hard time finding the words to explain what was going on! That and little A kept running off with my yarn! But it's finally done! Next time I won't tell you anything is coming until it's almost done!

Little A and Virginia in the car.
But anyway, I have one more picture to snap for the tutorial and it is all yours!

Until next time!

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  1. I'm so glad you and A came by! We were happy to have you! I'll send you a picture of the one blanket (which washed beautifully, by the way.) Thank you again!


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