Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crochet is Crochet is Crochet

Apparently it is not!
Good morning! How are you this beautiful day? I'm well, not really looking forward to later today because my poor Alyssa has to get shots.

This little girl is six months 4 days ago. Still no crawling but why would you need to crawl when you can roll and spin in circles like a helicopter all day?

She is doing the splits, some baby downward facing dogs, and definitely scooting backward, mostly to end up under things.

Eating rice cereal like a big girl, but not oatmeal. We, I mean I, find this out the hard way while wearing Alyssa in the ring sling on a walk after breakfast one day. She threw up all over the inside of the sling. Not spit up. This involved the reflexes and included the sounds of actual vomit. Don't worry, I'm not scared of any kind of throw up. But I was worried she was sick. I placed her in her bouncy seat and she threw up some more. At one point I walked away to get Amelia something, because at that time she hadn't thrown up for a few minutes and came back shortly to find her red faced and choking. Mama bear instincts and reflexes kicked in and I grabbed her, flipped her face down on my arm and patted her back firmly with my other hand. She moaned softly and spit on the floor, going a little soft in my arms. I rubbed her back and talked to her and she started to squirm not too long after. I squeezed her and told her I loved her and she was ok. That's the scariest thing I've gone through with Alyssa. The scariest thing with Amelia was when she fell down the back deck stairs about 7-8 months because she went through the doggy door when we still had it. Then another day we tried oatmeal again. Same result without the choking so we've stayed away from oatmeal.

Besides all that jazz, I haven't been up to much hooking lately. I made Amelia this hat from a new pattern I was trying I'll link up to it in my next post because I'm planning to make Alyssa one too. But it's easy and fast. I was just hooking along with the hat when some dark yarn showed up woven in the periwinkle I was using. I thought it looked pretty neat so instead of cutting it out I left it. By the way, Amelia is wearing underwear in the picture. I cannot keep clothes on my child. Not since she's been potty trained. Oh yeah! She's been potty trained for awhile now and she is amazing at it! She'll stop doing something sometimes and say, "oh! I gotta go pee!" and run off to do her business. I still have to bribe her to poop sometimes but she's good at that too.

Alyssa likes the hat too so she's definitely getting a matching one. But my hooks have sadly been very quiet lately because I have been crocheting hats and squares but I really miss the smooth, relaxing movement of a blanket. Long chain, double crochet, turn, double crochet again to end. I miss blanketing. But I'm gonna get one started again soon. But not soon enough for my hooks.


  1. Oh no! Poor Baby! Hope things get better for you and Alyssa! Your hat is so sweet! I'd be curios for the pattern. Are you on ravelry? I'm beccawinterhoff on there ... I have been working on my first granny throw - its quite an undertaking! Especially because I have so many different colors in it ... It's going to be sold looking! But that's what I love. Hope you guys are well and shots go okay ... Cheers!

  2. Hello Tabby
    Thank you so much for your visit :) I've just discovered your blog and it is beautiful! I 've added it to my reader! Your crochet is lovely and your girls very cute! :) God bless them!


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