Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bits and Bobs and a Ripple

Good morning! How are you today? Im excited because guess what?! Elliott bought me a new phone for my birthday and I now know how to link to websites on my blog from my phone!! Yay! Apparently the app I use has the ability to do it but my old phone was very outdated and didn't function properly in order for that feature to work. Thank you technology for being wonderful again!

Instragram is also really fun, as are a bunch of other games I couldn't get and/or play with my other phone. It was the 3G iPhone which was very old, and it was starting to be a real drag because I couldn't do hardly anything the iPhone is capable of doing. Now I can view blogs AND comment on them, open things with one touch instead of the press and hold then press the open button. Ah, easy again. Anyway, enough of that.

Are you having a fun weekend? We're not doing much this weekend, just cleaning. Earlier, Amelia and I were laying in bed and she was whispering furiously in my ear, "I'm just gonna help you..." as she probed her freezing fingers into my face and stuck her freezing feet on my arm. Then she ran away and threw Barbie at me. It was all pretty unpleasant but I loved it none the less.

Alyssa got a new car seat because my big girl out grew her infant seat. I would be sad about it but she was so heavy in her infant seat to carry around plus she hated that seat.

Sorry her face is kinda whited out, it was really bright out. But she loves it. It's bigger and more roomy for her. Plus she really likes to ride in the carts at places instead of being in her car seat. It's the end of an era. But it's better this way. Still no crawling from the babe yet, though she's taking 3-4 "steps" and then falls down to army crawl her way to where she's going. For a non-mobile baby, she's pretty mobile.

Amelia and I have been playing with the camera on my phone. She loves to see herself when we take pictures. She's such a ham!

Big ham! I put her in the Mai tei just to see what she would do and she actually liked it and she was pretty weightless in it.

I put Alyssa in it while we cleaned the kitchen yesterday morning and she put her head down on my back. She was so sleepy. Speaking of sleepy! If you have children, have you noticed their sleeping habits being crazy because of the weather changing (or other unknown factors)? Amelia has been sleeping so weird lately. Alyssa's sleep problems stem from regular baby things though.

How's it going on your crafty home front? I've done nothing more but love my new ripple blanket. Elliott and I decided it should be for one of the girls. Probably Amelia, and the little hexagon blanket will be made for Alyssa. Especially since Amelia is always trying to steal mine and Elliott's blankets.

I am loving the neons from ILTY. They're thicker than the regular ILTY but still very soft. I started the blanket last weekend and I'm already (or just however you look at it) 21 rows in with a starting chain of 210. So it's wide and will be 140ish rows long. Hopefully she'll be using it for forever because she'll grow into it, but I know her tastes will change once she's older.

Oh, I do love a lovely ripple blanket. I hope you have/had a wonderful weekend! Have a great week! ☺


  1. gee i love that blanket you'll have to show me how! boo is a big ham and bee will be just like her! she's a happy baby well both are and it's nice to see it in their faces! babies only get that way when they're loved alot! GOOD JOB MOM AND DAD!

  2. I'm in awe that you can blog on your phone. I'm a Droid user myself, but I'm sure I could do it but I barely have the patience to Facebook on my phone. =) It's hard to believe the little A is in a big girl car seat. Babies grow way too fast.


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