Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dis-Easter (Kinda, but not really)

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and had a great Easter. My Easter Sunday started out well enough, I ran into a blog called Crochet with Raymond the night before right before I dashed off to bed, and read through Alice's posts during the my nightly feedings with Alyssa. I love the blog! It's colorful and bright, plus Raymond, you're just going to have to check it out or take my word for how wonderful it is! And I finished Alyssa's Easter booties that matched her dress that morning and had managed to dress myself before getting the girls ready. Then disaster struck. Amelia refused to wear her dress and when I snuck it onto her she desperately pulled at it and begged to take it off. Crying and saying, "mommy, off!" No, sweetie, we have to wear it for a little bit. "Mommy, off!?" No, we can change out of it later, we just have to wear it for a little bit. Screaming and crying and begging ensued and mommy put little Amelia into time out for not listening and screaming. Crying is ok, but screaming is not. Not too big of a deal, not something uncommon in our daily life. But then a bigger disaster hit.

The sweet little booties that I made for Alyssa, the one that I had tried in a cream color first and decided that the pink would match better, and tried on one of her feet and determined it would fit, didn't fit the other foot. I tried my best to stay calm and get the bootie on that sweet little big foot, but the more I tried the sweater I got, the more she moved and fussed from being "held" down. It was a nightmare. In dismay I snatched the booties, threw them at the crib and cried in despair to Elliott that our baby had too big of feet. "Can't she just wear socks?" Of course she could! But that ruined the picture of Easter I had in my head. The whole 20 minutes that all of this took place I lost my appetite for Easter. And I love Easter! Then after we were on our way to my in-law's I realized I had left Alyssa's Easter onesie at home with her sun hat. UGH! "Do you want to go back?" Elliott asked. NO! I don't want to go back. If we go back I might lock myself in the bathroom and not come out until dinner.

Then I stared out the window and shed a few angry tears that helped lessen the fire in my tummy. It would be ok, we just had to get there and I would feel better. We stopped at the gas station on the way out and Elliott ran inside to get something. He came out with my new favorite drink, Brisk's sweat ice tea, and one of my favorite little snacks, a nacho flavored slim Jim. Thank you sweetheart, for making me feel better with goodies. How could I be mad after that? He did try his very hardest to keep me collected and make me laugh. He has always been the only person to get me out of the deepest funks. So, we got to my in-law's house and Alyssa wanted to be held, no biggie, and it was rather warm outside so body to body gets warmer. We had to shed the dress before anyone really got to see it, and of course, no pictures were taken of the girls in their dresses together. Years from now when they ask me, "mom, where are all the holiday pictures at from when we were little?" Well, girls, mommy has mommy brain and I can't hardly remember where I leave my shoes let alone remember to bring and/or use the camera. MENTAL NOTE: Get better about using the camera. You'll miss those memories when they're gone.

So, aside from no Easter pictures and me being mad the first part of Easter, and Elliott working that evening, it was a pretty good day. The girls got a nap and I put my feet up and had a few minutes of quiet time, because you know if you have more than one little one down for a nap they take turns actually sleeping, so the overlap is only ever a few minutes. It's a work in progress I assume, or is it always like that? Either way, it's worth it. I can always sleep when they're in school. Right?...

Well, that's about all I have for today, because this has taken me a week to write. My mom was very generous and let me borrow her computer with her internet card. It's nice to be able to see things full screen. I was watching something on YouTube and my eyes started to hurt a little because it was so big and bright! It was a nice change from my little iPhone. I just wanted to give you a peek of my ripple which is fast growing now that I have an itch to finish it so I can cuddle with it. Yep, just in time for summer.
And I leave you with a picture of my two A's, enjoying tummy time together and watching their/Amelia's beloved Puss in Boots. Amelia wrapped her arm around Alyssa and gave her a kiss on the head. Of course it didn't last long, because being two makes you move more often.

Happy Days!


  1. Cute! Try to enjoy this stage. Honestly... Things get more hectic as they get older. I miss my girls being little. :)


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