Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yarny and Sewy Talk

Good day to you! I hope you're having a woderful week! We are but I'm a little bummed because this winter, if you want to call it that, has been so dry and we've only seen snow twice. Both times weren't even enough to cover the ground! As long as it doesn't blizzard on the day we need to go to the hospital, I guess I shouldn't complain much. Though this morning was really foggy!

So Sunday it was a gray day in Kansas (in my part anyway) and my little Boat (that's what we call Amelia) was sick to her tummy. That was the bad part. But the good part was mommy and Amelia cuddled together in bed watching movies! I hate when she's sick but I love how cuddly she is when she doesn't feel well. She camped out between my legs with her head on a pillow, of course with Daidai by her side.

I would have posted last week but my phone, still our only source of interweb, is being a big dummy. I was halfway through my post and my app shut off. Without saving my writings. Ugh! I was just so mad I just gave up. It's been shutting off all my apps lately for no reason. I'm starting to regret having this phone. Oh well. I'll try again, but doing something different.
I've been busy crocheting and sewing trying to satisfy my own goal of getting all my current projects, which are all close to being finished, done before the middle of February. That way everyone has their goodies and I won't have to worry about it when AJ gets here. 48 days to go!

I found a tutorial on Oh, Fransson!'s blog ( on how to make the wonky nine-patch square. I tried it her way, messing up the order of fabric flipping, and I ended up with the same fabric in each square more than once. And my seams didn't match up enough for my liking, so I slept on it.

I came up with this! I cut out a square from a soda can box that was the same size as my starting squares and then cut it into three pieces.

I would line each cardboard piece up with each fabric and cut.

It was a lot more cutting this way but I was dedicated to making it work better. In the end my seams lined up much closer but I still did something wrong and ended up with two of the same fabric in each square, as to where you are supposed to have nine different fabric pieces in one finished square. Oh well! It looks better to me than my first try. My first attempt is the one pictured above.

That's my bump and the blanket I'm working on. I've mentioned this blanket before but didn't share the link. I found it through one of my favorite blogs,, when Sara shared it. The orignal blog is,, I still can't link on my phone, so sorry! :-/
But I'm hooking it up with I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby in such fab colors! I'll have to share the actual color names later as the skeins are perfectly nestled in a bag and I don't have to move any around but just pull on the ends and stitch away! It's very convenient!

Amelia has been super kooky lately. Well, when she was feeling well enough. She just cracks me up!

Did you know her second birthday is only days away! So super sad that it's been two years already! We've just had so much fun that it feels like it's gone by in the blink of an eye. But once her birthday party is all wrapped up I don't have much to do but wait for baby AJ. Haha, I didn't realize I would have basically a month to do nothing but wait for this babe! Unless an early arrival is in the stars for us. Doubt it! Amelia was six days late.

Oh! My friend Meg made something like this for her front door and when I saw it I knew I wanted one for our door too. Elliott picked out the colors for all of it and I simply love it! It was less than $5 because I had everything at home except the P, and it took less than 20 minutes! What a way to satisfy your need to make something! I'd love to make one for AJ and Amelia's doors too.

Besides all that we've just been hanging out and trying to keep ourselves busy. I have another quilt in the works for AJ but I'm keeping it under wraps for now. Then Elliott's anniversary blanket is just about finished! I couldn't get away with two skeins of each color so I had to bite the hook and buy a third skein for each color. I'll have enough to do a border though! So, win-win!

I don't believe I've shown you this! I made this for Amelia for Christmas but she refuses to wear it. I wrote down the pattern as I worked it out and I'm thinking of sharing it but definitely making more! Maybe someone will like it enough to wear. Anyway, I've gone on too much! I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Until next time!


  1. I love your giraffe hat... the ears and horns are perfect! I hope you get more snow your way, just so long as it stays away from me. I'm just not in the mood for snow this year. Your quilt looks like it will be adorable. Have a better week!

    1. yea yea yea always blame the phone lol you could use mine since your here every week you know and it would be a lot faster on my comp. and by the way i can't see you just waiting for a.j. to come you'll find another project to do i'm sure. have a great week love ya lots kiddo


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