Monday, January 9, 2012

But First...It's My Birthday!

*I tried all day to post this and it wouldn't post.

There are so many things I want to tell you today! But for starters; Happy Birthday Blog! Well, Saturday, that marks one year since my first post. I read back on it and it was not all that exciting. Hopefully as the year went on it's gotten better, I like to believe so! I'm going to "give" you guys something at the end of the post as a way to celebrate this last year.

So some exciting news, my mom and finally true step-dad got married for real on December 28th. He suggested to go to a courthouse the Friday after Christmas and my mom didn't want to because she knew all the family would want to be there to see it. So, my mom set up a big surprise wedding at my new aunt's house and my new cousin's husband got ordained just to do the wedding! How sweet.

But my step-dad had no idea and it went off without a hitch! Little A was also the only person under the age of 18 and everyone was just all over her! She really hammed it up with all that attention but behaved really well. Congratulations to them!

I've been busy trying to keep my resolution. E's anniversary present, yeah it's way late. But almost done! The closer I get to the finish line the more excited he gets.

I also finished and handed over my step-dad's Christmas present, only 9 days late!

And my mom's present too. Her's is a crocheted crochet bag!

With a fabric liner and a pocket for hooks and a small pair of scissors. The fabric was a remnant I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I didn't have any plans for it when I bought it but isn't it lovely? They both loved their gifts and they should! They were made especially for them.

I did fib a little though on my resolution. Little A's friend had a birthday party on Saturday and I wanted to make him something. I searched google images for "crochet lion stuffy" and ran across a lion pillow on Anna Maria Horner's blog ( She made a pillow similar to the one I made (because I used her pillow as inspiration and as a template).

We were late for the party because I had to finish this up. I think it was liked by the birthday boy. They were opening presents when we walked in and among the tiny hands frenzied to open the presents, someone grabbed the pillow and handed it to him. He hugged it and put it on his head then dropped it to ride the Buzz Lightyear 4-wheeler, I don't blame him! But I hope he liked it! It turned out just how I wanted it to, too. Though I was a little short on stuffing, but I think it worked out to the advantage of little hands grabbing it.

And Little A has been very busy lately too. She has to make rounds on all her toys daily, otherwise they don't get played with that day.

Busy playing with nana in our weird January weather, it was 60 degrees on Friday! I would like snow at least once this year so I can bundle Little A in her new snow gear and throw her in big snow drifts!

And busy hiding under covers naked after baths. Maybe she's cold? But she just started doing it this week. It's so hard to get her to come out to get dressed too, normally the "counting" gets her moving though, or a threatening "now" works too.

And we've all been busy waiting on the new Chinese food restaurant to come in! In my town we have sonic, not so great, four pizza places and we refuse to eat at two of them, a mom and pop's burger place we love but one can only eat so many hamburgers, and subway, which is now banned for us because some people got food poisoning. There's a few other places but we never go to them. And! We're also getting a Mexican restaurant! Our little town finally has some options!

I've also been busy growing a baby. Only 66 days to go! Well, I've caught up with all of my crafty goodness so here is my gift thingy to you!

My real name is Tabitha, my husband's name is Elliott, Little A's name is Amelia, and the new baby is A.J. Not revealing much more of the new baby than that. But I tell you this to tell you where "Buzzing Around The Apple Tree" comes from. When Amelia was a little baby I made up a song for her, it goes like this:

Amelia is a little bumble bee,
She likes to buzz around the apple tree,
She's likes to eat up all the apple sauce,
She likes to take the train from King's Cross.

Amelia is a little bumble bee,
With bright red hair and bright blue eyes,
She likes to take a nap in the morning,
And buzz around in the afternoon.

And now you know the great mystery! I don't know if I'll continue to use Little A and E or finally use their real names, we'll see. I hope you have a great day and great week!

Until next time!


  1. Happy birthday to your blog! You certainly have been busy. Everything looks great =)

    The name Elliott always reminds me of a teacher I had in school named Ms. Elliott and her son's name was Elliott. For half the year I thought her son's name was Elliott Elliott. It wasn't, of course, just a case of me not having much common sense ;)

    1. wow its really been a year huh? time flies! love to read them all. still like little a and e i guess cause we know them. yes the crafts are extra special to us. those that receive them know how special they are. cant wait to see bumble bee. you know who! love ya kiddo

  2. Happy bloggy birthday! And your belly i just the cutest thing. Happy weekend Tabby. :)

  3. Thank you so much for visiting today :) Your blog is lovely and your crochet work beautiful! I shall come back for sure ;)
    Have a wonderful week end!


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