Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Catch Up

Boo! Did I scare you? I know you probably thought I was missing for good, sorry I've left you hanging. Three weeks ago I hurt my back and hips pretty bad and didn't have the energy to post. Two weeks ago I was getting ready for Thanksgiving, though better women bloggers than I posted AND got their turkeys cooked, I applaud you! This passed week Little A has decided after all this time, that she thought it was a good idea to get out of bed after I left her to see how many times she could get away with it. I admit, it was cute the first two nights, but it quickly became taxing and physically draining. By which time, once she stopped, I zombie out in front of the tv.
Then Monday night, as I was finishing a baby hat, my smoke detectors went off. I was in the basement and immediately ran up the stairs, checked all the rooms, especially Little A's because she has a little heater in there to keep her room warmer, it's right over the garage. But I didn't see any smoke or smell anything. I called E at work and couldn't get a hold of him, then called my mom an got the alarms to stop. The poor corgis running every which way to hide from the noise. My mom said it could be a fluke but if it happens again get everyone out. Right as I was saying, "I will," the alarms went off again. I hung up, called 911, put my shoes and jacket on while I was on the phone with them. Hung up, grabbed the sleeping Little A (she slept through the whole thing until that point), threw her in her carseat and got the corgis in the car and got out. As I was backing up there was already a cop outside. He came out to see how I was and said to just wait the fire department was on it's way. My friend two doors down texted me asking if I was ok. The fire department was inside checking things out so I texted her back and told her we were fine. My mom called E for me so I could just focus on what was going on. It all turned out to be an expired detector and a dead battery. I didn't know they expired, but it makes sense. But everything was good and it's always comforting to know the emergency system works.

Poor Tonka, he wouldn't come in the house for awhile, but once he did he hid in the shower. Little A went right back to sleep and E finally got home. It was a pretty weird situation. Phew, so glad all of that is over.

I've been pretty busy crochet-wise. These are the fingerless gloves I made for my mom for her birthday. I'll have to get a better picture of them on her hands later. Yeah, I made them while watching TV in be one night.

I've been working in some hats too. Virginia was my model for a few of them.

She's pretty good at it.

Little A... Not so much. She likes to see the picture as it's happening, so right as you get her to hold still and snap the picture, she moves!

Virginia holds still long enough, but doesn't sit well.

But then the knee always works too. I'm almost done with my step-dad's blanket, all the squares are sewn together but I need to finish weaving in like 8 ends and do the border. You know, stuff that doesn't take long but you put it off because you know it doesn't take long and then you end up doing it the night before yore giving it away. I'm going to try not to let that happen. Then there's still my mom's Christmas present that's like 1/8 done but won't take long if I just do it!

This is a present for some Little in my life that's half finished too. I found the free pattern at
It's really fast and simple! If you need a star fix, this will help. I plan to attach a little blanket on one side to dazzle it up!

Here's a picture of the granny shrug I made! I used lion brand's USA yarn, which is super chunky, with a Boye's P hook. It was really bulky until after I washed it and I like it more, but I think it would look better post pregnancy. So no pictures of it on yet!

I am in love with making pillowcases! I made Little A one and plan on making some as Christmas presents too. I'll have to find the pattern and post it for you. It's so easy and fun!

And this is Little A's scrappy Christmas quilt. It was intended for someone else but I don't feel it's give away worthy, but Little A loves it so why not let her have it?

Ok! So I think I've got you caught up with all my crafty stuff, but I do have a few funny stories to tell you. (this is what I get for waiting so long to post) Little A loved her Thanksgiving day hot cocoa. She asked for it the next few mornings too. We had a nice quiet, three person turkey dinner. I made a full sized (smallish) turkey, my first because last year we just did a breast, mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, fresh green beans with bacon, and crescent rolls. Just a regular Thanksgiving really.

Then one day a few days before Thanksgiving, E and I took a nap while Little A did an she woke up before we did and decided she was hungry. Every cabinet in the house is child-proof withthose little latches, but someone left the cereal cabinet open. Little A helped herself and when I found it she picked up a piece of Chex and ate it and said, "mmm, good snack." All I could do was laugh. The damage was done and it wasn't bad so no big deal! E told me the person who finds it the funniest has to clean it up. Whatever, I had a good laugh!

Then E put one of Little A's jackets on Tonka who hated it with a passion. He refused to move or look at me.

Can't you tell by the look in his eyes he's probably thinking death treats. It was worth it for the laugh too!

Besides all that, life has been pretty uneventful, thankfully. We did find out the sex of the baby, but E talked me into keeping it secret. For now anyway. And if you think those hats give it away, you'd be wrong, those are going to other people. :-) Sorry to disappoint! Well anyway, now that we're all caught up, I guess this is bye or now! Have a great week!

Until next time!

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  1. I love April Draven's patterns. She's so creative. I'm in the middle of making a granny shrug for my mom's Christmas present. I love it.... I think I'm going to make little sweaters for my girls once I get all my Christmas stuff out of the way.


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