Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekends and Hats

Hello! This week has been upside down for my family. Last week, on Friday I believe, E got a call from work telling him his hours would be 3pm-11pm instead of 7am-3pm which he's had since he started with this company. He was quite upset about it, understandable so, seeing as how we were all set in our routine. We both remained optimistic all weekend but as Monday drug on we both grew quiet and sat together silently through Little A's nap. The first night was hardest but each night has gotten easier. The only good part about having the evenings to myself is I get to watch America's Next Top Model, which E hates but I'm drawn to for whatever reason, and I get to craft my little heart out when Little A goes to sleep. I miss him though. Thank goodness for text messaging!

We went to the Legends, an outdoor shopping center in Wyandotte county, on Sunday early so we could hang out and hardly anyone was there! Which was nice because we let Little A loose among the concrete jungle.

She played in the fountain with E, getting everyone a little wet. We stopped in Panera to have a bagel, and Little A loved her chocolate chip bagel. We also stopped at T-Rex Café and they have an animatronic (spelling?) t-Rex that Little A thought was pretty cool. Weird considering she cried at Santa but loves giant twinkies and meat eating dinosaurs! Who knew?

Yes, she really enjoyed our morning trip there. Wore her little butt out too! Another good thing about E being on second shift is we go on a walk every morning (weather premitting!) which everyone enjoys, especially Mabel and Tonka, the two corgis.

Little A and I spend most of our evenings out back before dinner and then we enjoy a nice meal together at the table. Some nights are bath nights, others I let her play in the living room or we go back outside. But once she goes to sleep I have to entertain myself. Here's what's been keeping me busy lately:

VoilĂ ! Pretty, huh?

I totally bribed her with food in order for her to hold still for this picture.

And another in a different color.

Do you know how hard it is to get a 16 month old to hold still long enough to take a picture with your phone!? It's hard!

See! That's only one blurred shot I'll show you, there's many more where that came from!

And lastly, the adult sized one. The picture is about the hat, not
me! The picture does not do the
colors justice at all.

That's a little better. I have some other things I've been working on that I can't wait to show you, but they're not in a good place to where I'd be happy to show you just yet. But soon! There is still so much summer left and so many projects to get done, but it doesn't feel overwhelming (is that two or one word?), it feels like a breath of fresh challenge! There's something I think I'd like to do project and blog wise, together, so I'll probably have that ready for next week. Well, I think I've gone on enough, I hope you all have a great night and week!

Until next time!

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  1. Oh, I love the little corkscrew curls on the hat! My husband works a similar shift... it has its good points and bad points. I like the alone time at night, but I go 4 days during the week where I only see him for less than an hour a day. Oh, well, it just teaches us to make the most of what time we do get together =)


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