Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chit Chat

Good morning! I apologize for my absence, there have been a lot of things happening around my little castle and when it came time to write to my bloglanders I just didn't have the energy. As always, instead of half-hearting it I didn't want to disappoint with a disappointing post. Please do forgive me, I'll be better, I promise!

My E has been very busy around the house with much mowing of yards and landscaping. We have three bushes or dwarf trees in our back yard that are just sort of floating in the grass, so E decided to make them pretty! We picked out the stone and he made them level and put down that black felt fabric to keep the weeds away and put rock in the base. I think it looks fabulous! It really brings an elegance to the yard. This project is a little time consuming so he's doing one bush thing at a time.

He also built this little box and put the fabric and rock in to keep the weeds away around the AC too. The hardest part about this is keeping Little A from scattering the rocks in the yard. So far she's done pretty well with it.

Little A has been climbing and hiding anywhere she can fit into! She's figured out how to climb up onto our bed too. Luckily, she has not figured out how to get out of her crib, she does get her knee stuck at least once a day in the slats though. So sweet!

A few weekends ago we went to Ag Hall for their Barnyard Babies exhibit. It was a blast! Little A kept running back to the rabbits and I kept telling her we have some at home she can look at, but I think it was the only animal she was fimilar. The had a little train that circled the grounds and Little A and I went for a ride.

She wasn't all that excited about it when we sat down. I don't really blame her, the seats were all metal and it kept digging into my back.

But after we got going and she knew I was holding tight to her, she relaxed a little and even sung a little too. She probably would have been perfect with one go around but it went twice, and under a tunnel. Maybe if they have it again next year she'll like it more. All in all, I believe feeding the goats and trying to run to the water was her favorite part.

While putting Toy Story 3 into the DVD player for Little A I caught a bit of the '70s tv show "Fun With Dick and Jane," and Jane, played by Jane Fonda, was wearing this amazing burnt orange crochet hat! Two of my favorite things, orange and crochet, right from the past! Oh, it was wonderful to see and it excited me so much I vowed to make one, or many. I watched long enough to get the pattern, see I have this ability (I'm not bragging just stating ;-) to see crochet things and make them without a pattern, well mostly. And good thing too, because that was the only clear picture I could find via Google. But this hat is in my mind so clearly and at the top of my list... Once I get some others marked off my list.

Well, hopefully I'll be able to get my craftys done during naps or cool downs. The weather has decided it's summer finally, after having the heater on until last week. But it looks like it's going to stay hot for awhile, which is great! I'm hoping it'll warm up the pool so Little A and I can go swimming soon!

I should be having some reveals soon enough and if you, my readers, tell me what you'd like to learn to crochet next I'll work on a new tutorial! Well, anyway, I must be off to get Little A started for the day! Have a sunny week!

Until next time!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I can't say I have the ability to see something crocheted and copy it without a pattern, but it's something I'm working on. =) Your little girl is too cute and your yard is lovely!


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