Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Give Away Surprise!

(Above: Tonka resting in the yard on a windy day. Good day to hang out laundry!)
Hello! Good Tuesday to you all! I have kept my promise and made a lovely, fantastical crochet goodie to give away! By the way, some of you have still not claimed your boxy pouches! But anyway, are you ready to see it? No, no, you have to hear the story first.

On Wednesday, E sent me a message saying we needed something at good ol' Wally world and since we had just gotten home from hanging out with out friends I told him we would just go when he got home from work. He said ok, be ready when I get there! When he got home we wrestled Little A into shoes and carseat and were just about ready to go when I HAD to get some crochet to go with us. I hurriedly looked for some fun yarn to take with me with my favorite hook and settled on some white yarn. Not so fun. But as we were driving a lightning bolt struck me between the eyes! BAM! Something to satisfy my crafting needs and fulfilling my give away promise to you!
I finished one before we reached wal-mart and picked up three new skeins of fun colors. I was so excited to make more of the thing ASAP. But wait! Wal-mart didn't have what we needed so we had to drive another 15-20 minutes to go to Home Depot to get it! Yay car crafty time!! On the way there and back to home I punched out quite a few of these things. They were so fast and easy! Are you ready to see them?

Ok. Here they are!

Stars! Fun and fancy, crochet stars!

After I made 11 of them I chained them all together to make a little garland. I made a chain of yarn then double stitched into the top of every star and before dinner I hung them up.

Unfortunately, I really like them up there, and so does E. So that garland is going to stay there. Fortunately! I'm going to make another strand just for you! Whoever the winner might be picked randomly. Double fortunately, I'm opening it up to my blog subscribers AND my blog readers! Just send me an email at tabbysorangemarbles@hotmail.com with the subject as "crochet stars" and tell me you would like to be entered, or comment on the blog post and tell me. But wait! Triple fortunately, I'm going to make a tutorial for the stars and how to chain them to make garland! I'm super excited about all of it really. I hope you're as excited as I am!

(Little A eating breakfast)
At the end of the month or the beginning of the next month I've been creating a post called "Things That I Love," well this month I'm still going to post it but it'll be a little different. I still hope you enjoy it. I'm going to post that tutorial too, so there's going to be two more posts after this one. Just warning you! That's probably enough from me for now. Thanks for reading!

Until next time!

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no cost to you! I'll be paying the shipping! Also, please enter by Friday! :-)

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  1. Those are so neat! Considering my middle name is Star, I definitely want to be entered in your generous contest. ;-)


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