Sunday, March 24, 2013

P.C.P part II with some extras

Good day! We are in the middle of another (insert clever apocalyptical phase related to snow) here in Spring time Kansas. Every time that groundhog doesn't see his shadow this happens. Late season snow. Barf! I mean I love the snow, but in winter. I'm ready to be outside with my girls! To go to the park and let them be free! It feels like a pipe dream right now. Someday soon, it'll happen.

Poor Amelia is getting the cooped up crazies. She's been naughty the last few days and meaner too. I know it's cuz she's bored and wants to be outside. I don't blame her.

Alyssa has been pretty sweet lately and really into playing games like peek-a-boo and a tag of sorts between her and Amelia. That is until Amelia knocks her down and gets put in time out for pushing. But what have I been doing? The same as I always do. Play with my children, try to clean house, and of course crochet and sew. I haven't done a lot of sewing but some.

I finished Amelia's doll and she effectively named her Princess Girl. I love the names she comes up with, she's so imaginative. Princess Girl and Carrier are pretty good friends. And I finished some projects for my "Project Complete Project 2013" also. Would you like to see?

Remember when I started This? It was forever ago and I finally hit got tired of trying. I was making it from my Red heart scraps and if you've worked with red heart it's not exactly ideal for a big project. So I fastly fell out of love with it.

So I weaved in the few remaining ends and added a small border and gifted it to Tonka, our male corgi. It now lays on his bed and he sleeps with it every night. I'm glad someone loves it.

Then there is this one. I started this back in January 2011. I hadn't really blogged about it because I didn't work on it a lot and I fell out of love with this a long time ago too. So what did I do with it? Same thing I did with my hexie blanket. Finished it where it was and gave it to Mabel, our female corgi. It's on her bed too and she sleeps with it almost every night too. I feel bad these endeavors ended like this but I'm glad that my dogs are happy.

Then there's this one. . I finally finished it. I ran out of yarn, then got all but one color and I had to wait forever to get it. But...

It's finally done. By the way, looking back over some of my old posts and looking at my pictures I'm thinking to myself that you all must think I never clean. Almost every picture has some toys or papers in it. To tell you honestly, I do clean. It just so happens when I want to take pictures there are toys and mail newspapers that the girls get into. If my house was dirty I would never display it over the Internet! I would be beyond embarrassed.

I've started another project. Something for my sister who got promoted at work. I started it Thursday afternoon. On Friday I challenged a friend on instagram to a crochet off. She's working on a project for her mom and is doing a ripple. I'm doing Le monde de sucrette's summer time ripple. They're about the same size, except hers is a tad wider.

It's gone from an idea to...

This to...

This, plus more, in a matter of days. I'm up to 40 rows I believe. My goal is 120 by Friday, which is the end date we chose. Well, she chose really, that's when she needs her'a done by. I love a challenge!

But as I was saying, it's for my sister who was promoted in her job and leaving for the police academy next month. I wanted to say congratulations and give her a piece of home to take with her. What better way to show someone love than with a handmade gift.


  1. Congrats to your sister! I'm so tired of winter... I'm ready for pretty spring days, but I'm afraid we'll just go from freezing to blazing hot with my luck!

    1. Thank you! Thats probably how our spring to summer transition will go to. But whatever, we're ready to be outside!

  2. Wow! So many gorgeous blankets!! Love your color choices!


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