Monday, December 17, 2012

Something Finished!

Don't you love the feeling of accomplishment? It's like dropping a weight from your shoulders and standing up straight for the first time in awhile. I have am basking in this short lived feeling for the evening. Short lived because I still have so much to do before Christmas but I've finished a big thing. Enough talking! Here it is!

Four mantis babies! From FiberDoodles. I've made two others using this pattern. It's a great pattern I highly recommend it.

I've been working on these since well before thanksgiving but I could only work on them at night after the girls went to bed.

With Tonka to keep me company while I worked in the basement. Watching movies or tv. But tonight I sewed on the eyes and the antennas.

Then they were done! A labor of love for my aunt, who ordered these back in August and I procrastinated thinking I had enough time, not to worry. Man, that time went by fast! But they are done now, and they leave tomorrow to be given as gifts. But now I'm off to bed, because tomorrow I have to arm myself with my hook and produce some Christmas presents!

They'll miss me, I know. But they're going to good homes. And just for your entertainment...

We went and saw Santa today and both girls loved Santa, Alyssa basically jumped into his lap!, and then tried to stick her fingers in his mouth. Amelia was shy but friendly. Then we couldn't get her to smile. This is the best we could get out of her, I love it anyway.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bad Day...

This afternoon has been an awful one. This morning was great.

We went downstairs and listened to records. The girls played together and with their toys.

Elliott played air drums at Amelia. She yelled at him and told him to stop. Then about 1230 Alyssa had enough. So I put her to bed. And about an hour later Amelia had a massive meltdown that woke up Alyssa who needed to take a longer nap and then refused to go back down (is currently playing in her crib instead of sleeping). She then proceeded to cry at everything. Amelia isn't feeling well and neither is Alyssa so I've had someone attached to me the last 30 some odd hours. I feel worn down and on the brink of a blowup myself. Plus, I want to go throw rocks at my neighbor's highly obnoxious dogs who bark all day long. Even when my neighbors are home they somehow miraculously don't hear their dogs barking, though I can hear them in almost every room of my house, two doors down from them. (Just for the record, I don't have the balls to be mean to anyone so I just get real mad and sulky without doing anything about it. Confrontation makes me really uncomfortable too.)

I'm just ready for bedtime tonight. Please say a prayer for me if you think about it. I'm sure tomorrow will be better. It has to be, right? Right?...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Just Stopping By

I want to start by saying that I am sorry that I have been so quiet lately. With Christmas coming up and my mom just getting back into town most of my free time has been gobbled up. I've even developed my old crochet callus and even a new one on my thumb because I've been using a naked hook.

I've been working hard trying to get things finished for presents and an order my aunt placed back in August. It's my fault that I waited so long to get the order going, but I'll make it! I have to.

I've been crocheting where ever we go because there is no time to sit and enjoy the ride! The hooks need to be turning and things need to get done. And by the time I get some time the last thing I want to do us blog, sorry. I still read all of my favorites, but even then I don't have the energy to comment on them.

But hopefully I'll be able to revamp my blogging attempts and be kinder to you, my readers. I may be back before Christmas but I can't make any promises. So if I don't see you before then I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

And just to play catch up, Amelia had her first dentist appointment last week and she did an amazing job! She let them do everything they needed to do and didn't cry or fuss. But they did turn on the tv for her so that could have something to do with it.

And both my girls...

Are decked out and ready to see
Santa! Hopefully it'll go well, but we'll see.

Have fun with your Christmas prep!